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Blonde Joke,

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by deadman, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. A young blonde teenager decides to get some work doing odd jobs around the neigborhood,

    She knocks on the door of this middle aged blokes house, and asks him for any odd jobs he needs doing,

    He says my porch needs painting,

    So how much will you charge me to paint my porch.

    She has a look and says, I will paint your porch for $50-00

    Thinking to himself, Thats cheap.

    He says OK, you will find all the paint and the brushes in the garage,

    Every thing you will need to paint my porch,

    After a time goes by, the Young Blonde knocks on the door and say's she is finished, and would like her $50-00,

    She says to the bloke, By the way, its a Lexus, not a Porche

  2. Groan...

    To much time on ya hands Brian?

    Go finish the boat!!
  3. that was good haha...i liked it.
  4. I didn't.
  5. I need a Job,