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Bloke threatens to shoot me for changing lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Playing poker today so I'm heading into the city in peak hour.

    Going down castlereagh st.

    Bumper to bumper traffic. I'm in the bus lane.

    50 metres ahead is the street I have to turn right down. So I decide to go into right lane.

    Traffic is stopped. Bus in front of me. Triumph Sprint in right lane, Green P plater car behind him being driven by an old bloke with his wife.

    Enough gap for me to sneak in.

    Car gets pissed and tries to close gap. I sneak through. He then on purpose nudges the bike with his car.

    I put the sidestand down and get off ready to give him some abuse.

    He drives around me, on the pavement to get away. Get away where? It's grid locked traffic. I walk up to his window, rap on it to proceed to tell him off.

    Along the lines of, what do you think you were doing, what I was doing was perfectly legal. What gives you the right to run into me?

    His response. And he's an Italian bloke. Get away from my car. I've got a gun and I'm going to shoot you.

    My response to that, you want to go then? Get out of the fcuking car and let's do it.

    I proceeded to abuse him for a bit more, with his wife trying to calm him down.

    Then I walked away, another rider behind me asked what happened. Told him the guy had run into me on purpose for changing lanes.

    Then I'm watching where he's going to see if the old snap the mirror off trick (which I've only ever heard about and never done, honest officer), can happen. But he's managed to fight his way to the left and get away by the time I'm back on the bike.

    Stupid me should have got his license plate, gone to the popo and told them he ran into me, then threatened to shoot me.
  2. Even if he DIDN'T have a gun, the possibility that he could have, or anyone else could, should be enough to discourage the bench-racing bravado that goes on here on a regular basis. Glad you survived this harrowing incident, mate......
  3. Be careful out there mate...

    I remember the first week i moved to sydney someone cut me off. When we stopped at the next set of lights i gave him the finger and a few select words then next minute he was pointin a revolver at me. Scared the shit out of me...

    Had the same thing happen to me when i told a guy that was hassling this chick a few months ago to fcuk off.

    Personally i cant understand why im not allowed to carry a weapon for self defence but what can ya do...
  4. Why are you just recounting this experience to us?

    Why not email it off to someone in the media?

    They are interested in this sort of stuff. If lot's of us are haveing similar experiences - then they will cover it - and hey, we may get some action as a result.

    You are in Sydney - email your local paper and the TV Current Affairs shows.

    I'm reading lot's of great stories - but, hey why tell just us????
  5. John: Can you suggest someone in the media that would be interested in things like this?

    (serious question)

  6. What would this achieve exactly?
  7. Improve the public's perception of motorcyclists? Show that we're not always the aggressor?

  8. Alot of people would read that the bike was the aggressor unfortunately...
  9. Sorry but i reckon it would come accross as the opposite and thats if the media were actually honest...

    I can see the headlines already. " Motorcyle vs Car wars are raging in Sydneys streets"

    Sorry but i just dont trust the media...
  10. The media option is a bad move. Unfortunately in this case both were aggressive and don't forget Mrs Cage will back the old C(&$'s version of the story.

    This sort of crap is happening a lot. Glad I'm out of the "burbs".

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  11. Eb: What the guy did was cause an accident at best, and at worst assault Kaer. After an accident, getting out of/off your vehicle to talk to the other party is not an aggressive move (of course, you leave off the "give him some abuse" part when you talk to the media), the guy refusing to get out or even open the window is not reasonable, and the mention of the gun takes it to another level.

  12. Hey,

    Don't have to convince me :p

    Just saying what alot of Joe Public would perceive is all ;)
  13. Once you have to "modify" your story to make it fit you leave yourself wide open especially the way popular media treats riders.
  14. Same reason U tell us your stories.. wots the diff?
  15. This is comming from someone who's never provoked a fight and have only faught in self defence or the defence of another (although job requires I know what I'm doing):

    If he really did have a gun, then it'd need to be in his hand if he wanted to use it without getting his head turned into a pulp.

    Absolutely, you did the right thing by dropping the matter. You're a better man than me. If someone deliberately hit my bike I'd be smashing heads no questions asked (abuse has no purpose at that stage), and comments like "I have a gun" would only make me more intent on smacking him for being a bullshit artist as well as a ****.
  16. threatening assult with a deadly weapon is exactly that .............. assult with a deadly weapon ..... police shoot people for that shit .............. and he can also be charged with it
  17. Do you think anyone has ever told a story to the media that hasn't been modified? No one comes out and says "yeah, I told the guy he was a felch monkey then he assaulted me". Leaving out *why* you were going up to his window is about as minor an omission as there is.

  18. ...and if he did have a gun, and was crazy enough to use it, you might just be dead.

    Then, you'd be really pissed off. :roll:

    You are so kidding yourself if you think you can beat him to a pulp before he grabs his gun from his pocket or glovebox (if he had one).
  19. Absolutely, your believe of intended harm proved by your retreat. . And even though you didn't get the rego number you should go to the cops with a description of the driver and car. I"ll bet my mother that this blokes done that shit a hundred times. Eventually the reports will speak for themselves. Deliberately causing an accident, failing to exchange details and assault with a deadly weapon will see him punished when they find him.
  20. As much as I'd want to rip him out of his car, I think getting the rego and calling the cops would be the best option. I've never been threatened with a gun before, but I have a history of not taking threats very well so who knows.