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Announcement Blogs - totally rebuilt, lots of new features

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Blogs have received a major rebuild, with all new features and functionality! The old blogs system ( think VT250 ) has been removed, and replaced with a brand new and all powerful blog system ( think S1000RR ). All existing blogs have been imported into the new blogs system.

    The basics - a user can have multiple blogs, and blogs have unlimited blog entries. So, you can have a blog about your day rides, a blog about your multi-day touring, a blog about your modifications and accessory additions, a blog about your servicing and repairs, or even a seperate blog about each bike you own/owned. Within each blog, you can post as many entries as you like. Your blog entries can be (optionally) rated by others, and also receive comments.

    Your blog(s) - when creating, or editing your existing, blog you can give it a title and description, as well as a bio about yourself (author). Upload a file to give your blog a cover image, and decide if i) users following your blog will get an alert when you update/edit it, ii) if users can rate and/or review your blog and its blog entries, and iii) how many recent blog entries should be displayed/highlighted when a user is looking at your blog homepage.

    Your blog entries - when creating a blog entry within your blog, you give it a title, and optional brief description, and the full text of your blog entry (with full editor for links, images, files, formatting, etc.). You also get to decide if i) what categories should your blog entry be within, ii) an alert will be sent to users following your blog, iii) display your author bio below the blog entry, and iv) are comments open/allowed against this blog entry. You can also decide if your blog entry should be published immediately, selected a date/time in the past that better represents the timeline for your blog entry, or define a future date and time for it to be automatically published by the server at that date and time.

    More features
    • Mark Read - mark all blogs entries as having been read, the main navigation item showing you how many unread new blog entries you have
    • Search - search through blogs and blog entries
    • Category Pages - displays recent blog entries grouped by category, and enables you to filter by category
    • Notable Blogs / Authors - listing, by different criteria, popular blogs and popular authors
    • Categories - select categories that are applicable for your blog entry
    • Tags - tag your blog(s) and blog entries with keywords
    • Follow Blogs/Authors and Watched Content - you can watch/follow authors, blogs, and blog entries to receive an alert when these are updated
    • Reviews - if a blog authors selects, your can write a review about their blog entry
    • New Content - display recently added blog entries, comments, and review
    • Stats - on the sidebar, see statistics and leaderboards about top authors, top commenters, recent comments, etc.
    • Profile Page - Blogs have a tab on user's profile pages, showing the most recent blog entries
    • Members Card - the pop-up members card (when you click on a users hyperlinked username) shows how many blogs and blog entries a user has
    ... and many more features that I cannot either remember or easily explain here :)

    JuniperSachsJuniperSachs has been quick off the mark, being the first to create her blog entry this afternoon with the new system before I even got to write this post :cool:

    Explore and enjoy! Blogs

    Feedback most welcome (eg. suggest more categories required), queries, and any feature requests you might like to see the blogs system to contain functionality for.
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  2. On a brief view it looks great. Well done!
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  3. Thanks MouthMouth, so far it seems like a great improvement. :) (y) Just gotta learn how to drive this sooped up blog thing...
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  4. You could have gone to the ultimate and made it Aprilia Tuono 1100 factory fast but hey whatever.;)
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  5. Hey MouthMouth ... suggestion for improvement / comment - Since now you can edit the blog so much more, it would be cool if there was some way that you could select a date stamp to appear on the blog entry (or would you have to write it yourself)?
    Reason for this is: Eg, I seem to have a few blog entries that are missing or I originally put them in the Events thread while I was touring, or I was not able to upload landscape photos on the correct blog entry and had to make a separate one somewhere else. Any way to move them into the Blog section but put them under the correct date (for touring purposes) so they are in chrono order? I hope this makes sense.... or tell me it's wishful thinking if it's too hard :)
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  6. Sorry, no. I couldn't follow either request.
  7. Take 2:

    1) Is there a way for a date stamp to appear on the actual blog entry that you are reading (or would you have to write it yourself in every blog entry at the top) ?
    2) is there a way in which you can set the actual date which you want the blog entry told appear in the blog roll? It currently appears according to the date that you publish it.
  8. Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 19.36.29.

    What/where is this blog roll you refer to?
    The date/time for blog entries is defined by you when you create the blog entry.
    Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 19.41.51.
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  9. Blogs? Didn't even realise they existed :eek: Now more time to spend on netrider ;)
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  10. I think I need a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down :p
  11. Also ....
    Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.29.03.
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  12. Thanks MouthMouth! Seems like more peeps r using this function now since it's the bees knees compared to what it was like before ^_^:love:(y)
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  13. MouthMouth Hi, I thought I'd give the Blog thing ago, to create a ride report for my recent epic trip to Cape York. I have created the page 'dobbo's travels', however, I cannot edit/update any blog entries that I have already posted, I thought this would be a basic feature as well as a delete function.
    As my trip was so epic, I thought that I could just add a bit at a time, however, each entry is then added as a new blog (separate page), which is why I thought that I could just edit my blog and continue the story.
    I have tried to delete my Blog, as I'm not happy with it or the userability of the blog page in general, however, I can't seem to do this either.
    Therefore, I will not be adding more to my blog 'dobbo's travels'.

    I did try to do a Ride Report in the forums; however, I could only add 5 pics per entry.
    I really believe forum member & visitors would enjoy my journey, as it is a little different to the usual RR posted here.

    If you could, please delete my entire 'blog'.

  14. That's how blog work - you tell a story (or part thereof) with each new entry in the blog. Editing an existing entry will not show to users that you've edited it, whereas adding a new entry highlights it as a new entry to the blog. For example, you can see here how 69SIM69SIM has created two entries as part 1 and part 2.
    Another example, is that you could have each day as an entry in your blog.
  15. Blog entries now have the ability for you to enter a location, with Google auto-complete on the field, allowing you to define a location/place for which your blog entry is about.
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  16. Allo allo MouthMouth
    I've been going back through the blog roll of mine and have seen that all the blog entries that I created before your awesome rebuild, now only show photo numbers when you uploaded them but don't have the photos embedded in the blog entry anymore. It just has "view attachment 345345" instead of the photos. Is there anyway to get these back without having to open the blog page and re-edit them?
    eg. Playing Mikado (pick-up sticks) along the Kallibakh | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  17. Thanks. Looking into it. No resolution options yet.
  18. Allo allo.... found a glitch in the matrix!

    Under the "blog entry tools" --> "set cover image": you can select all you want, but the selected image never gets changed / uploaded.
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  19. Any resolution as yet MouthMouth?

    Also; is there any way to actually delete a blog (not blog entry)?
    I wanna delete one that's blank :) thanks!