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Blog advice sought

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. calling all geeks :grin: i'm keen to start a blog but there's so many free software/hosting sites out there to choose from. who do you recommend and why?

  2. try wordpress.com easy to use just like posting on a forum. lots of ways to personalise. no ads.
  3. carri?? a blog??? wowsers, can't wait :).
  4. Blogger seems okay, without being anything special.

  5. i've used blogger for over a year and found it to be really easy to use..... :)
  6. There's heaps...livejournal etc. Although, from memory, someone already on LJ had to be a 'friend' or some bullshit to start one...but if you go that way, let me know, I've got one and can befriend you ;) I don't use it any more though, I made my own website and just do it on that. (see below link)

    Doing it that way though, you'll need to PAY to have your website hosted somewhere - unless you have a friend who'll add it to their website....hence the nthdegree.com.au :wink:

    Pretty easy to look around...just google 'em :)
  7. I have a livejournal & a greatestjournal.

    greatestjournal is heaps better, it's by the same people as livejournal, except you get more adds (the bad point) but more avatars, theres photo hosting... Ummm... Lots of cooler stuff.
  8. myspace is pretty user friendly :p
  9. only if he wants to blog.... myspace probably has the most spam, worst programming, and is generally crap. having said that my sig links to mine lol... but yeah it's not wotrth it for a blog
  10. Not any more, I was able to start an account without nominating a friend or any such thing....
  11. click me

    ... it shouldn't hurt trying a few and see which one suits you best, having said that most of them try to make it really user friendly. goodluck. :)
  12. Ahh nice one :)