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Blocka came off!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blocka, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Well today my heart sunk, my mind raced, my emotions flowed. Ant the only things I could think of was, "How the **** am I gonna get this fixed for my trip away in 2 weeks."

    Coming out of my place just up the road there is a round-a-bout that I was turning left at, all of a sudden the bike slips out from under me in a split second, my hand rips the throttle as it does and causes the bike to spin around on it's side and end up down the road. Found a bottle of brake fluid on the side of the road, believe this could have been a contributing factor as well as cold tyres. There is a single wheel skid mark which suggests, some ******** in a buzz box has put brake fluid over the ground and used it to help do fully sick skiddies.

  2. All this to just go and post some letters. Worst thing was I was just wearing skate shoes and NO gloves because 'I was just going down the road' Never again the big blistery skin on my palm will attest to that. Had my jacket on so only got an abrahsion on my arm through the leather but no damage to my gear, only my bike. Will let the pictures do the talking.

  3. Cannot praise the oggys and pick up spools enough, without them it could have been ALOT worse!

  4. Glad your OK..
  5. damn mate, no good, fair bit of damage there, possible write off on the cards
  6. Yaa ... ouch! Mate I know about cold tyres - had a loud & clear warning myself only yesterday. I was just a little bit luckier.

    I've got to say, that doesn't look good. There's going to be some co$t there...

    I'm glad you're ok - that's the main thing.

    To all the rest of us - make sure the rubber is fairly new, and make sure it's warmed up before you ask much of anything from it. It's that time of year.
  7. Sorry to hear this news mate ! Luckily, you're ok - most important thing !
    As others have said, decent amount of damage. Hopefully Insurance comes to the party for you.
    All the best mate and keep us informed.
  8. Bad part about insurance is that I was waiting to hear back on quotes for insurance from a couple companies as my last policy ran out not long back.
    All the damage is really only cosmetic from initial inspection, the clip on has just twisted around sp just needs to be twisted back and tightened.
    Got a mate who is just starting to do the new 3D carbon fibre wrap with his tinting business has offered to do it for me at cost if i can get a new nose section. So I may just return with a full carbon fibre wrapped bike, with some nice bar end mirrors for less then what excess would be on an insurance claim.
  9. What kind of moron puts brake fluid on the road? Glad your okay, massive shame about the bike.
  10. if you have a cover note as part of your quotes you might be ok.
  11. I recon... That shit rips off paint instantly. At least the morons who used it to rip skiddies will have done some damage to their car :-s
  12. I hope the undercarriage rots and their engine falls out so they can't go anywhere.
  13. On a side note, this happened about 4pm, I'm at work and my elbow is only just starting to get reasonably sore at 1am.
  14. Sh!t man... sorry for your misadventure, hope the elbow doesn't give you too much grief and the bike can be repaired quickly. Assuming your brake fluid theory is correct, you'd have to wonder what sort of mental capacity some of Australian motorists posses! I've seen some pretty stupid things done by the duff-duff community over the years (including two last week racing each other at near 150kph in a school zone @3.30pm) but deliberate oiling of a road near a corner???
  15. blocka, ouch looks like it hurts. Heel up well both man & machine.
    Last year a bunch of moronic kids spilled 5 litres of engine oil on a nearby roundabout and watched the mayhem from a nice vantage point at the park while cars, trucks were slipping and sliding mounting gutters, hitting poles etc. I got my share while in the cage too.
  16. Blocka take a little compensation knowing that if some tool used brake fluid in the burn out that it has eaten his paint work on his car
  17. That sucks man... It's always when you least expect it!

    Thats pretty full on... did they get caught? Causing accidents is pretty sociopathic!
  18. Not sure if they got caught but believe they got their feathers ruffled up. It's a similar act to like the young kids that throw rocks down from the overpasses. Young immature boys doing silly things.
  19. Fook Blocka. Mate bad luck. That's nasty. Glad your fairly ok. Tar burns hurt like crap the next day.
    The bike looks like it needs a fair bit of plastic.
    Don't know what I can do to help. But if I can don't hesitate to ask.