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NSW Block their shot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by basejumper, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Would u believe the sti happened to break down behind a camera car during the week. ;-) . Took me a good hour to get it going again.
    The operator told me he had called the cops. I told him he can call the swat team for all I care.
    He told me that I should ring the hotline up as I was achieving nothing. I replied that I am achieving something and that for the next hour he will book zero people.
    The cheers I got from passing motorists were hillarious.


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  2. You need to get a life...

    Next time to come on and complain about the Police harassing you, you know what I'm going to say, don't you????
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  3. Admiral intentions, but I fear you will probably be subjected to the odd 'check up' & inconvenience. Make sure you don't have bald tyres, all your brake lights all work, you have no oil leaks...etc etc
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    More likely leading to a change in laws making it a mandatory fine and demerits to stop in front of a camera vehicle. Then someone will genuinely break down with absolutely no defence.
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  5. given that you can clearly see the gear in the car from that angle... are you even blocking his shot? :D

    should have bought a Toyota :p
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  6. Block Their Shot:
    Social media campaign blocking mobile speed cameras from clocking drivers

    January 4, 2015 11:52am

    Images from the Facebook page called Block Their Shot, where motorists fake their car breaking down to block the camera on mobile speed camera cars.

    IDIOT do-gooders
    are faking roadside incidents to block mobile speed cameras from nabbing speeding drivers at some of the state’s worst accident blackspots in an illegal social media campaign that is putting lives at risk. The “Block Their Shot” Facebook page is urging drivers to pretend they have broken down directly behind camera vans, thereby obscuring their view of approaching cars.

    The site features photos of motorists parked behind vans with their car hoods up, some with sun umbrellas, or towing boats, caravans or trailers, and even a cyclist fixing a punctured tyre, directly in the camera’s line of sight. Another photo shows the rear window of a camera van covered by brown paper and sticky tape.

    Images posted on the Block Their Shot Facebook page.

    Images posted on the Block Their Shot Facebook page.

    A cyclist blocks the mobile speed cameras.

    This inflatable boat blocks the speeds cameras.

    Images posted on the Block Their Shot Facebook page.

    Images posted on the Block Their Shot Facebook page.

    Two women post of a picture of themselves on the Block Their Shot Facebook page, showing their vehicle parked behind the mobile speed cameras.

    The site’s founders claim the cameras are simply a revenue raiser and that speeding offences should be dealt with by the police.

    But the Roads and Maritime Service claim the 45 mobile cameras are an essential safety measure which are regularly placed at 640 well-known danger zones with a high number of deaths or serious injuries. The campaign already has more than 28,400 “Likes”. Many of the site’s supporters are apparently motoring enthusiasts who drive high-powered cars.

    Now the government is threatening to introduce heavy fines to shut the site and the campaign down.

    An exasperated Roads Minister Duncan Gay said yesterday: “I hope these idiots grow up so I don’t have to put draconian fines in place. If they don’t stop this stupidity I will take action.”

    The site’s founder could not be contacted for comment but has written online: “Letting people know that mobile speed cameras are not police, they are a business, and I think it’s time to take a stand and ‘block their shot’.”

    But the campaign has been condemned by leading road safety expert as “foolish” and “irresponsible”.

    Professor of Road Safety at the University of NSW, Raphael Grzebieta (Grzebieta) fears it will lead to death and injury because it will encourage drivers to deliberately break speed limits.

    “The people pictured on the Facebook site are hindering safety by encouraging people to break the law,” he said. “If people don’t think they will not be caught by the cameras, they may think about speeding.

    “Speed limits are put in place to stop people from travelling at risky speeds that could lead to a vehicle drifting onto the wrong side of the road or leaving the road on a bend.

    & in Qld:

    CQ man arrested over 'Block their Shot' speed camera stunt

    Police have condemned a social media campaign encouraging drivers to park in front of speed cameras, after a man was arrested in Central Queensland. The practice, called 'Block Their Shot', has attracted supporters on Facebook and Twitter, many of whom consider speed cameras to be unhelpful revenue raisers.

    A Rockhampton man was charged with obstructing police and contravening a direction, after parking directly behind a speed camera to prevent it taking clear pictures.

    Queensland police labelled the practice of obstructing speed cameras from taking pictures as "dangerous".Photo: Facebook

    The man claimed his car had broken down, but refused to let police conduct a lawful roadworthiness check. Acting Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said he was aware some regarding 'Block Their Shot' as a "bit of fun".

    "High visibility policing is an effective deterrent for speedsters. We know that when people spot us on the side of the road – their natural reaction is to slow down," he said.

    "Obstructing the view of a speed camera is stupid, selfish and achieves nothing except allowing a speeding driver to get away with putting other lives at risk."

    Acting Assistant Commissioner Keating said police would take a similarly dim view of the practice occurring elsewhere in the state.

    "Police operating mobile speed cameras across Queensland are on the lookout of this kind of behaviour," he said.

    "I've directed them to take enforcement action if it's appropriate to do so."

  7. If they're supposed to only be at well known danger zones then the local operators must have the wrong map. When you have to resort to abusing people as 'do-gooders' you're probably don't have a good argument. Though this seems a favoured form of argument for shock jocks and tabloid journalists.

    But I agree that by blocking them you're asking for harassment
  8. I agree blocking their shot isn't the greatest of moves, and will only make the government put in worse laws to protect their interests.

    But with so much B.S. around there must be a few bulls loose from the top paddock:

    I mean seriously. What they're doing may be idiotic - but putting lives at risk?!? Those pinged by the cameras won't know until days / weeks later - it's hardly going to change their driving habit immediately after.

    If this is really putting lives at risk I sure hope that Workcover is going to be on VicPol's case when their officers go out of their way with their industrial action to deliberately put more lives at risk by parking their cars before camera's with their lights flashing. Seems that a politicians pre-election promise has more credibility than those that work for TAC or make outlandish statements like that.

    I have nothing but contempt for people who try to elevant the "risk" with something like this to the same level where lives are at real risk. It does no one any favours and reduces the implied importance of things that create real risk. (Texting drivers, drugs & alcohol, etc). Lives at risk.... please.
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    Ah whatevs.. if you can't tell the weird looking ute is a camera car, there's not much hope for you :D
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  10. Surely the camera car could just move a little bit further up the road so that the other vehicle is no longer impeding the shot. I personally think it's a silly move to block the camera shot which can be easily combated so what's the point?
  11. This is a peacful form of protest, what is the harm, good on them, and go for it.

    Or are we no longer aloud to protest something that we feel is unjust?
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  12. I agree with a few of the comments here. Atleast the plod have discretion on their side, with some flexibility and the ability to use an 'attitude test', before fining a driver/ rider.
    I have a very strong opinion about these 'mobile camera cars' and the operators of them, especially here in NSW.

    Here in Wagga, the local operator of such a car, would regularly sit within a 50kph zone on a stretch of road, that was were speeds dropped from 60kph to 50 for a short stretch, then back to 60kph, citing that it was a 'known black spot', now the speed limit on that piece of road has been raised to 60kph in line with the rest of that stretch of road, you never see the 'camera car' there.
    As mentioned here previously, these 'camera cars' do nothing to prevent 'near future' accidents from happening, as a ticket in the mail 2 weeks after such an accident, does nothing to bring back a life?

    Possibly a legal avenue, for the family of a deceased road accident victim to seek compensation, as the 'mobile safety/speed camera' did nothing to prevent such an accident happening in that moment.

    Another issue l have is, if l'm on the Hume/Newell/Sturt highways with posted speed limits of 110kph, and as a fully licenced driver, l exceed that speed by 5kph/10kph l get a ticket, even if I'm driving to the conditions.
    However, if I'm on red P plates here in NSW ( within my first 12 months of driving), l can travel at up to 20kph above my restricted speed limit of 90kph, and still pass the 'mobile safety/speed camera' without activating the camera...... go figure?
    As l said earlier, atleast the police have the discretion to evaluate each situation. Not that l agree with their 'covert' tactics either!
    I have a mate who is a former 'forensics officer' who dealt with many road accident fatalities, he is of the same opinion as myself, regarding these camera cars. As he said, ' if the vehicle involved was moving, speed is always a contributor' so this check box is always ticked on the investigators paperwork....... giving a false statistic regarding 'speed'.

    Speed limits/restrictions are another issue all together!
    I'll shut up now!
    Cheers Dobbo
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  13. Get a life hey?
    In the past 8 days I have done
    6 skydives
    1 BASE jump
    1 scuba dive
    Run to the pie on gixxer
    2 x Cruises on the night rod
    Ride at ourimbah on the wr450
    100km trip on the jetski
    7 minutes in the wind tunnel
    I reakon I'm doing ok
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  14. That's all well and good but where is the fun in your life? You should be sitting at home posting on NR or you'll never have a post count as high as Hornets. <Sarcasm>
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  15. Not to mention all those people who are wrong and need to be put right.

    It is a thankless task, but knowing we're making the world a better place makes it all worthwhile, hey.
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  16. In Mexico, the camera is mounted on the dash, and takes a photo after you have passed the camera car. I assume these are a totally different set up. That correct?
    And our cars are unmarked, therefore hard to spot generally.
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  17. That's nothing. This weekend I ate a kilo of steak with no vegetables, watched last season of Family Guy with a packet of cookie dough, slept in till noon only getting up coz I needed a red misty stop n start wee, put on my safety thongs & German helmet to go for a ride to Coles to perve on all the young pregnant chicks coz u know for sure they put out!

    THATS living my friend! Now I have to go and check my Ashleigh Madison account for fat desperate sheila's before my ugly obese wife gets home from Maccas!
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  18. Who's Admiral Inentions?
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  19. Dont know why people would try and block the camera, as it stands they have to place a sign warning of their presence, if a driver hasnt seen the warning sign then clearly they are speeding. All this will achieve is that the laws will be changed so they wont have to be in recognisable shiny white utes or post warning signs anymore, allowing them to blend in with parked cars thus making it harder to block every parked car that may or may not have a camera !
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  20. ??
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