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'Blizzard' Water Proof Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by presti, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Gear: Blizzard Active Outdoor Waterproof Pants.

    Cost: $44.95RRP from Aussie Disposals. I got them on sale for $29.95 a few months ago tho.

    Effectiveness: Amazing. Water does not seap through the seams, it just rolls right off. I have been caught in heavy rain and my phone and wallet in my pockets of these pants have stayed very dry. They dry very quick for riding the next day. They are also amazing wind breakers, feel very warm when using them even on the coldest of days.

    Quality (material): Very good, on the inside i do have a small tear because im rough with my clothes but other than that the zips on the bottom havn't broken which is a first for me.

    Cost is 3/5 starts
    Effectiveness is 5/5
    Quality of material is 4/5

    Havn't looked back at all.
    The awesome thing is, if i dont wear them out i just roll them up and chuck them in the compartment under my seat and if i get caught out i pull them out, and undo the zips at the bottom and slide them on over my riding boots no problem. No need to take the boots off which is a massive time waste. They are great.

    Link to Aussie Disposals is here

  2. hmmm I might have to grab a pair or two!
  3. Are these pants or throw overs?

    edit: just looked at the site and they are overpants.
  4. they are very worth it!

    but with the zips on the bottom, i can pull over the side of the road and slide them on OVER my riding boots no problem
  5. yeah, i saw some Thunderwear ones aswell. My mate recommended the blizzards to me thats why i paid a little more