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VIC Blitz on Eastern Freeway this morning (Wed 29th)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Just had word that there are police on off-road bikes riding up and down the centre of the Eastern Freeway pulling over bikes and cars (but particularly bikes).

  2. Two cops on KTM dirt bikes were pulling over motorcycles lane splitting dense slow moving traffic, between the transit lane and second-most right lane, inbound between Chandler Hwy and Hoddle St.

    There was also a cop with a marked bike parked at the corner of the Eastern Fwy and Hoddle St, pulling over bikes presumably using the last 100-150m of bus lane on the Eastern before turning left onto Hoddle (despite it now being legal to use the bus lane on Hoddle).
  3. Looked like they were having fun in the middle grass there this morn. In my commute (in cage) just now saw 3 cars get done for transit lane by ktm's, bike at end also had another car for bus lane use, did not see any bikes nabbed. Busy morning.
  4. Obv neglected to read the latest crime stats released yesterday.

  5. How else do they fund their pay rise?
  6. Certainly made for a slow ride in as all the filtering and splitting at the end of the freeway came to a screeching halt. It reminded me of how much I just hate bumper to bumper and why I'd NEVER commute on 4 wheels again!

  7. Yep it sure was an expensive ride into work today, should have just stayed at home instead :nopity:
  8. NovaCoder

    Can we ask what you were pinned for?
    Interested to know if it was while filtering and if so, what was the infringment actually for as there's no infringment for filtering itself..
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  9. Saw that last week as well, a rider arguing the toss with car-mounted patrol. I know the freeway bus lane is illegal, no problem, but it's getting petty when they issue tickets over the last few metres.
  10. All three of them had customers when I passed by ... luck of the draw I guess.

    I agree.
  11. ^^^ What he said.
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    3% CPI?
    im sure they are complaining that they arent getting enough when public servants get almost triple

  13. lane-splitting (eg passing on the left, passing cars without indicating & failure to say with the marked lane....usual BS).

  14. That's really shithaus.
    Points and $$$ loss if you don't mind me asking?
  15. They gave THREE tickets for it?
  16. It's called operation "HALO". Better get used to it, the TOGs are targetting driver and rider behaviour that increases risk to vulnerable road users. So - who is getting behind the effort to legalize filtering?

    Letters to VicRoads to point out that getting to the Bus lane in Hoddle Street from the Transit Lane is an increased risk. In the interests of separation it would make more sense for the last 500m of the westbound Bus lane on the Eastern Freeway before the exit to be included in the trial as riders can make their way there with increased safety before the other vehicles all jam on the brakes from 100Klm/h to 60 Klm/h at the exit ramp when you are trying to manover over. Quite a few collisions happen there every month. They've also added armco on the left of the bus lane there which removes any runoff space or places for broken down vehicles to move. Quite often I see buses having to push into the next lane to get around another stalled car.
  17. I got done for being in a bicycle lane for all of about 3 seconds, opposite the Shell servo. NovaCoder you have my absolute sympathy.

    Wasn't even in the bicycle lane when the cop came to me where I was standing chatting to another rider in the left lane. Actually, we were sharing our disgust with what the cops were doing.

    What a load of shit this is. We need to get something done to change the name of the lane to Single tracked Vehicle Lane - so that we can share these ares of road space with our other two wheeled friends.

    I know VMAC were working on it. Their inability to get this outcome made today an expensive one for me - and dozens of other riders as well.

    I'm up for organising a Protest Ride over this. Its about time we made our feelings made. Anyone want to join me????? Any ideas how we can stop this kind of police bullshit.

    BTW - they are booking us for something for which there is NO Evendence to demonstrate that it poses a hazard/danger/threat to anyone else on the road. Pure revenue raising at its best.
  18. You need to get the message right first though John, otherwise you'll waste your breath. Focus on what they really want.. Reduced TAC claims. The message needs to be along the lines of "We need this legislation so as we can reduce our exposure/risk to injury therefore reducing the likelyhood of claims" remember its TAC that are funding this sh1te, the cops are just the paid messengers...
  19. I wrote a letter very early in the trial asking about the right hand turn into Victoria Parade (turns out you were not allowed to use the bus lane to go right, I did it twice then went back to my old route up Alexandra).

    Also mentioned that it was silly to sit in traffic for the last 500 metres or so of the Eastern before jumping into the bus lane on Hoddle, they just stated back to me the scope of the trial,that being purely Hoddle street for a few ks..

    Am not sure what it is proving except whether bikes can share a lane with a bus or push bikes (that I never spotted there anyway), they should have put a bit more thought into how bikes feed onto & off Hoddle street.

    Anyway I saw one of the popo on a KTM a month ago lane splitting along Alexandra Parade, farking double standards....
  20. Good, If there over there ill be left alone on the Nepean :p