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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Anthony88, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Hi, Can any one tell me how to blip. So far my understanding is that its more often then not used going into a corner when you down gear. And the whole purpose of blipping is to prevent the bike becoming unstable or even sliding. Giving you more control of the bike. Blipping i've been told is done by giving the throttle abit of a turn just before you down gear.
    Also to the mods, I tried searching blipping on the search engine but some kinda error came.

  2. It just means that as you change down gears, you rev the throttle
    a little bit so the engine rpms matches smoothly with the road speed and new gear.
    That way you don't have a sudden slowing-down force on the rear tyre,
    everything happens smoothly.
  3. Yep, as said above. You should do it every gear-down change tho, that way you're not constantly slipping and wearing out your clutch.
  4. When changing down a gear, hold the clutch in, gear down, rev the throttle, let the clutch out ... this helps prevent compression lock up. Generally its done whilst under the brakes so you fly into a corner with an unstable rear.
  5. As I haven't really ridden a bike yet I tried this in the truck last night. When I down geared I would rev just before I put the clutch out, and the truck would make a big big whirring sound, but yeah no drag and car took alot longer to slow down also. Was I just revving the truck to much or is that big whirring sound normal when you blip?
  6. i dont know what trucks do, so i cant comment, i dont know if many here can either. try it on your bike and we can help you :wink:
  7. Search is your friend.
  8. Difficulties with blipping

    Hi All,

    To join in on this one.

    Does anyone have any little tricks for the front brake throttle technique?

    As I have what could be discribed as little carnie hands. :cry:

    I am finding it very difficult to keep pressure on the brake while giving the throttle a squirt.

    Besides by the time you brake front, rear, clutch, down gear. Now rev all at the same time. My co ordination and brain are in overload.

    I can say if you get it all right, it makes you a hell of alot faster on the track as I found yesterday.

    My non reving on the down change could explain some of my slowness. As it allows you to carry more momentum into the corner.

    Any tips on the down change appreciated.

  9. Shane mate, get a vtwin and you'll soon forget what brakes are :grin:

    From my experience it hasn't been any special technique, but rather practice that makes the difference. Your muscle memory will eventually learn and retain a way to do it.
  10. Cheers Jared


    I knew that was going to be the answer. :evil:

    Everytime I get out they drag me back in!!!

    More time on the bike. :LOL:

  11. As your applying more pressure onto the brake lever, I use the inside of my thumb and index finger to provide pressure on the throttle to 'blip' it.

    Practice it on straights, say your in 4th gear down to 3rd and blip it to try to "rev match" it so the rear doesn't squirm. Make it so your travelling at the same speed in 3rd (at a higher rpm) as in 4th.

    Once you got that handle add in brakes.
  12. Another way of trying to get enough pressure on the throttle to blip is to only use two fingers to brake and the other two for blipping the throttle. I tend to do what jayp does and use the inside of thumb and index finger to blip with 4 fingers on the brake, although occassionally I subconcsiously use two finger to brake. Might be laziness I dont know but im tending to do it more and more I think these days.
  13. Thanks Gentleman

    Thanks Guys,

    Will try the thumb, index finger. :)