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Blipping + Provisional test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SpRonG, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Ive been riding for nearly 3 months and can apply for my Ps soon. I read on another topic about blipping and always hear people talk about blipping.

    What exactly is blipping? I am a confident rider and approach corners alot more aggressively than 3 months ago. I ride pretty much 5 days a week to work and get around. Even if i dont need to blip i just want to know what is it and how to do it.

    By the way has anyone done the pre-provisional test on a Zx2r? Im worried about the cone weaving and U-turn...any suggestions or anyone want to practice?
  2. Okay you've probably noticed that when you change down a gear the revs go up right? Blipping is simply the practice of quickly opening and closing the throttle a little bit when you have the clutch lever pulled in so instead of having the rear wheel speed the engine up it's sped up by the throttle. The advantage is that it makes the shift smoother and puts a lot less strain on the gearbox/chain - also reduces the chance of the rear wheel locking due to compression (more a problem with larger, torquier bikes).
    Edit: Oh and it's something that works in cars too, although it's a lot harder to do - often referred to as heel-toe braking.
  3. friend passed his p's on a zxr250

    dunno how comparative it is, but when i did mine, guy with me flew thru it on a hyosung 250r
  4. you'll have plenty of time to practice the parts of the test before you actually do it. if you're struggling with a part of the test, ask the instructor for some advice, they'll be more then happy to give it to you.
  5. As said above. It's not rocket science you probably do it already.
    Just give the throttle a twist of the wrist a split second before you drop a gear. Remember to do it with the clutch in. It all should happen very quick. This will make the transition when going DOWN gears more smooth.

    It is not similar to heel-toeing as no brakes are involved.

    Closer to double clutching. "rev matching" is the best term".

    Matching engine revs to wheelspin to aid a smooth transition
  6. Unless you're approaching a corner - in which case you may find yourself braking and downshifting/blipping at the same time :p.
    I do agree though that "rev matching" is probably the best term - you only need to rev the throttle enough to bring the revs up to what they'd be if you downshifted without blipping. This is something you should be able to get the hang of with practice (either on a bike or in a car).
  7. I dont think you need to have any real experience with blipping to pass your P's test, its more a skill that you need when out on the road, and changing gears regualarly

    I did my P's a couple of weeks ago and I was at the back in a group 3 riders in an 80 zone and the rider up front was doing like 50 for a couple of minutes, and the instructor said nothing.

    For you P's in NSW you should be more worried about the MOST test, and the manoeuvring skills needed for that
  8. The way it was taught to me (by Stay Upright here in Sydney) was you rev above where the next gears revs are going to sit and have the revs falling to there before you engage the clutch.

    The reason we do it (and there is a reason apart from listening to that glorious sound) is to stop the rear wheel locking up from the engine compression.
  9. just try and it you know when you have done it right. it so damn smooth and it feels like i havent even gone down on any gears. this is more easier for me to do when going fast. i can also do this in a car which is awesome coz theres less jerks now but it took a while to perfect.

    i seriously dont think u really need this in the P test as you wont even use it.
  10. +1 - don't need to blip for P.
  11. Thanks for all the people who replied...I know i dont need blipping for Ps test. I just wanted to know what blipping is and how to do it. I'll probably get someone to show me on my next ride as the sound of smooth sounds better than ball breaker.
  12. Just another 2c worth:

    i borrowed a friends ZZR, and found it a B*tch to cone weave. My arms were throbbing after a every practice go. You really need to use ur body...

    i would strongly suggest u get a few cones and mark the cone weave out and practice (suggest an empty car park)... @ the test i saw 2 other 250sports (2 CBR250), they too used their bikes in the morning to practice but by the end of the day ALL 3 sports bikes were parked outside and we ended up hiring a CB250 for the test (the best $60 spent :LOL: ).

    If u mark it out and do it well by urself then ur all set. TBH it's pretty stressful on the day, but practice and it shud pay off...
  13. Thanks is that how much it costs to hire a bike hmmm
  14. $120 for the day << i think it mite be 150 you can check with the rta, or call stay upright (their homepage has a number you can call).

    $60 for 1/2 a day (i used it for the arvo practice then the test)

    Also if u want to u can hire a bike from "bikescape" (i think thats the name, somewhere near the city) for $120 for 24hrs. A guy who was in my class did that.