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Blipping. It finally clicked!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by campag, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Blipping! Yes I finally got it working after a week of thinking on it and a practice session in a quiet commercial area out of hours.

    I only just got my L's a few weeks ago and a 250zzr and have been practicing general riding away from traffic, but the downchanging was really annoying me with either the compression lockups or lugging in a higher gear thru the corners.

    I think I read every thread and post on Netrider forums to do with blipping and today it all came together!

    A big thank you to all the knowledgeable Netriders, you've saved me a heap of time and mistakes with your sage advice.

    Now my biggest worry, braking for corners is not a worry and something to look forward to. I feel confident enough to face real traffic now to!

    This is the way it worked for me (from all your great info and my experiences trying it):

    With the engine off, apply front brake pressure (4 fingers in my case) and roll the throttle on and off with inside of index finger and thumb.
    Practice this without changing the pressure on the brake lever.

    When that seems to work ok, turn the engine on, sit in neutral and try it. Speed the blip up so it becomes a fast smooth motion.

    Find a nice quiet (ie no cars) area and try this without braking first. Get up to speed, roll off the throttle, clutch in, downchange, blip, clutch out, bring the power back on.

    Then try it with braking. In a straight line, throttle off, apply brakes, clutch in, downchange, blip (watch the brake lever pressure!), clutch out, still braking (like it was for a corner), now brake off, apply power.

    Now the only thing missing is the corner. Same deal, but the important point I found is get the gear change done early! You don't want to be caught out fiddling brakes, clutch, blips all at the last second on the turn in. That's brain overload and you will come unstuck in some fashion.

    When I did a personal trainers course (gym/exercise) a few years back I was told it takes 400 repetitions of an action for it to become a permanent feature of the brain that it becomes a habit. This is why practise makes perfect. So practice this in a training ground you are comfortable with until the action is automatic. That leaves your brain to think of other things when out in traffic.

    This is just a newbies experience of it and maybe it will help with the learning curve of others in the same boat.

    I found blipping a bit daunting at first, but its a challenge I couldn't refuse. It helps to run the sequence through your mind a lot (visualisation technique) to start the brain pathways getting built. Even I at nearly 48 can pick this up in one session and a bit of thinking about it.

    Now I can really get to cementing the technique. Cornering has become so much more enjoyable! Thanks Netriders for your help (you all know who you are!)
  2. Good to see it's all coming together for you. :)

    Sometimes it can be a huge cognitive load putting all aspects of particular techniques into a swift motion so it's great to know you're learning skills in quiet areas before taking them to the traffic.

    For what it's worth, you'll still be doing carpark sessions in 10 years time to lean new skills. Everyone is always learning more about their riding and you're developing good habits for improving your skills. Keep it up, if my old Labrador figuring out how to open a coke bottle is anything to go by then an old dog can learn any number of new tricks. :)
  3. Well done mate :wink:
    I agree, the knowledge and advice shared here by experienced NR's can help a newbie understand, implement & improve so much quicker than otherwise. It's like tuition by correspondence eh :p
    I owe alot of NR's here a debt for their wealth of information and advice, and no doubt I will continue to.

    Keep the shiny side up and enjoy
  4. nice one mate, blipping certainly makes for a much much smother ride :)

    as Seany said, youll still be practicing new skills in quite streets for yrs to come but by that time they will prob be wheelies or stoppies :grin:

    thanks for sharing your info!

  5. So you got 6 fingers eh? :)
  6. You dont? :shock:
  7. Nice work there mate.
    So now you probably corner alot faster because theres less engine braking slowing you down? Just be careful of the crap on the road and practice your getting your lines.

    So did using the inside of the thumb and forefinger work for you?

    Blipping and downchanging when approaching a left or right green arrow is part of the fun for me on a daily basis. And the glorious sound =D
  8. When you blip, if its clicking, you should probably get your timing chain checked, I hear that's a common symptom... :p
  9. Or your clutch cable about to go :p