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Blipping downshifts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by intrancewetrust, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. so i have been working on my downshifts with blipping the throttle, when you get it right its amazing! (first time i tried it i just copied that clip from the twist of the wrist video and absolutely nailed it by pure luck from 3rd>2nd, in fact it was so smooth i did not believe anything had actually happened happened and promptly tried to launch myself over the fuel tank by changing down to 1st at about 40kmph!)

    however about 30% of the time i balls it up a bit, when going 2nd>1st the wheel and or chain sometimes "chatters", i think this means im not blipping enough causing a slight compression lockup?

    for all the other gears i sometimes get a "surge" forwards, and i think this means that i have blipped a bit too much?

    im also assuming that this happen with these particular gear changing combos because the step from first to second is bigger than the consecutive gear steps, so i need to blip more when going into first and not so much for the other gears?

    and finally, should i focus on getting my blips right all the time with a very quick light clutch motion, or would it be wiser to instead always ease the clutch back on, thus smoothing out errors (but being significantly less awesome)? i dont plan to ride at the track at all, in case that matters.
  2. Surge forward could mean you blipped too much but more likely that you didn't get the clutch in quick enough and were blipping while motor was still driving.
  3. Buy a car.
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  4. Nothing wrong with leaving a bit of engine braking in the mix.
  5. You need one of these...
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  6. you need to shift and release while the revs are still up to get the most out of the 'blip'. it's more about timing than anything else. going from second to first you might have to slow down a bit more to avoid rear wheel lockups especially in the wet. there are a number of blipping topics on the boards here. also, check here on youtube as there are plenty of vids and tips
    blipping the throttle - YouTube
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  7. it definitely surges after i release the clutch, not beforehand...
  8. i thought that may be the case, just going too fast for first gear, i also thought just revving the tits off it might work tho

    i just do it as one motion, blip clutch in and shift all at the same time super quick. i just dont think my throttle control while braking is up to snuff yet. wonder if i should just be more progressive on the clutch or keep drilling what im doing
  9. already have one thanks. its an auto too, which is why....

    i definitely do not want one of these!
  10. you may be letting the clutch out too fast
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  11. You use a clutch to downshift??
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  12. Why on earth are you trying to engine brake in first??
    Stay in 2nd until almost stopped, and the grab and hold clutch while shifting to first as you stop.
    If you are shifting into first to round a bend in the road, you are asking to get spat from the seat.
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  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What TWEETTWEET said
  14. its to do a u turn. the engine chuggs in second. i could shift later though, like at the last minute
  15. yes probably, but when you get the revs right it doesnt seem to matter. doesnt seem like anyone really understands what im asking here but thanks for trying
  16. Hold the clutch in and release it slowly in your U turn, first gear is to abrupt and you will blow traction real easy. The whole point is to not loose rear wheel grip, going down or while turning or in a u turn or at least not unless you want to spin the rear, dont do that.
  17. The art of learning to ride a motorcycle properly dying a slow death.
    Can't wait for full auto boxes and and assisted steering to become standard on motorcycles.:grumpy:
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  18. Yeah a dying art. But does sound pretty bloody awesome!
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  19. Yeah I'd does sound awesome and any numpty can make it sound awesome time and time again but it will never trump the feeling you get when brain, hands and foot combine for that perfect downshift. No computer can replicate that.
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  20. I though more about this and its kind of confusing? are you more talking about a larger capacity bike, as when i went for my L's we spent two days basically driving around in circles changing from 1st>2nd>1st>2nd and nobody seemed to have any problems despite all being pre learners and there was never any mention of avoiding first gear? I guess they were trying to keep things simple and it seems like your doing the same but it doesnt really explain the nuts and bolts of it? I mean it sort of makes sense to avoid first gear, thats what i do in a manual car, but most cars dont protest when the revs drop below 3000 either...

    yeah i basically use the clutch to drive while keeping the revs steady and draggin the rear brake. i have no issues doing u-turns, im just trying to understand how and why the driveline reacts to changes in engine speed when moving through the gears and what technique people like to use on the road. but clearly this has sailed over everyones heads so i will just figure it out myself lol