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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by simon varley, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. They're not fcuking well called blinkers. Call them their proper name. They are called INDICATORS. They are called this because they INDICATE your intentions to other road users. If you use them properly we will adjust our speed and position to help you achieve your manoevre. And maybe you could leave a little bit of reaction time between switching on the little orange lights and actually changing your road positon. you know - so that the rest of us can react to you.



    bad day

    rant over

  2. You clearly live outside Melbourne.

    Blinkers are only to be used at the absolute last instant when changing lanes or merging, and then only to satisfy one's legal obligations. Failure to indicate late enough is an invitation for gino in his SS to block your attempt to merge.

    WRONG: Ask, receive permission, move.

    RIGHT: See gap, act nonchalant so they don't think you want it, TAKE it at the optimal moment, indicating at last possible millisecond, then wave thanks as if they were nice enough to let you in - that way they can't complain.

    For more, enrol in Loz's Combat Driving School.
  3. actually what really cracks me up is indicating at roundabouts.

    The same set of rules that tell me I HAVE to indicate on every manoevre even if there is nobody else in sight, immediately underneath explains that it is only necessary to indicate when you are leaving a roundabout 'if convenient'

    FFS isn't that just about the most important time ever to indicate your intentions to other road users?

    gues who's just had some near misses?
  4. blinkers are more of a victory thing... you put them on to say to everyone "yay i merged into that tiny spot at the last second, and i'll celebrate with some flashy blinking orange things..."
  5. Well over my side of town the little orange flashing things are generally seen as just being another piece of purely decorative "bling". It's apparent that they are to be used only as and when the driver feels an urge to express his/her self.

    The side on which they flash bears no direction to which way the car might eventually turn. In fact some have discovered the hazard lights which they believe entitles them to not only look twice as flash, but also gives them complete immunity to double park, block clearways and generally drive how and where they wish.
  6. [Granpa Simpson]
    Don't you get all uppity with me, young fella. I remember when cars got trafficators! They looked like a slice of baked pumpkin 'cos that's all we had to eat in those days ... if we were lucky!


    When they got stuck, you'd have to thump the B-pillar with your fist. And you had to remember to turn them off yerself, too. Made by the Lord of Darkness himself, they were -- Mr Lucas.

    Trouble with you kids and yer blinking, flashing, bleeping toys ... yer all spoiled!
    [/Granpa Simpson]
  7. ...mine don't work well if I don't change the blinker fluid regularly. It seems to be a common problem on Melbourne's roads... no one seems to change their blinker fluid at all...

  8. TRAFFICATORS! Luxury, bloody luxury!

    When I were young, we had to stick hand out window.

    Actually, does anyone know (or remember) how you indicate your intention to turn left using hand signals?
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  10. They work by blinking, so they are blinkers.

    They are also used to send coded messages to opposite sex for sexual requests.
  11. Yep, sure do -- had to do them for my driver's licence. :shock:

    Extend right arm straight out the window, parallel to the road surface, bend upwards at right angle from the elbow, hand open, fingers together and palm facing forward. (Like the cavalry "Halt" sign.) Same thing indicated "stop" too.
  12. The handsignal for a left hand turn is the same for stop.

    I don't use indicators, as I am trying to lower my Electricity bill.
  13. Yep, sure is ... I was editing while you were posting. (I thought asked for the RH turn signal until I reread his post.) :roll:
  14. That reminds me .......... 'scuse me folks, off to bump another thread
  15. Whew! I thought I misread your post, so I deleted mine - good to know I wasn't going insane. :p
  16. lol looks like BIWOZ is now, coz he's quoting text that isnt even there :LOL:
  17. They didn't put two sets of flashing lights on the left and right side of vehicles so the one set has to serve as indicators and blinkers.

    Blinkers are traditionally used when you have to close your eyes to change lanes because no one is clearly prepared to let you move into 'their' lane. Blinkers were named after the devices used on horses to blind them to what is going on to the left and right so they can focus on what is directly ahead - mainly so they are not too jittery due to everything going on beside them.

    Indicators are used in an ideal universe where you display your intention to change lanes and all of the traffic magically gives you a generous amount of space to safely change lanes without stress or irritation. There are some people who live in an ideal universe (they call themselves positive thinkers).

    Whether you use your devices as indicators or blinkers at least you are using them. Many can't decide how to use these devices, the type of people who spend half an hour deciding which toothpaste to buy and hold up fast food drive throughs trying to decide what type of food they require.

    In our next episode we will learn about horns!
  18. In an ideal world, we'd all be able to indicate our intention, have the vehicle next to and behind you flash their headlights twice to let you know its safe to come across; complete the manoeuvre, then give a couple of flashes of the hazards as a thank you. And everyone's happy.

    In this world, too many people see the gap, lunge into it while giving a half-flash. Force the person now behind them to brake. Get honked at, acknowledge the honk with a middle-finger salute (or worse, by hitting the brakes). And everyone gets just that little bit more pi$$ed off with the world.

    Oh well.
  19. To quote Homer Simpson....

    "Gas brake honk, gas brake honk, honk honk punch, gas gas gas.... hehehe"
  20. Simpsons stuff doesn't work for me. childish rubbish.