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blinker problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by anger in the silence, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. hey, the other day i was riding home from work and i noticed that both my left and right indecator were not blinking. whey would stay on untill i turned them off. does anyone know what would have caused the prob and/or how to fix it??

  2. sounds like your flasher can is stuffed, but have it checked before replacing it cos they can cost upwards of 30 bucks.
  3. how would i test it??? and what does it look like???
    it is a zzr 250
  4. hi, I had a similar problem the other day, with my indicator. You should be able to find the flasher relay unit by the sound it makes (it clicks). I kept switching the indicators on til i worked out what was making the clicking sound.
    Mine was a black box, about 1 inch high, 1/2 inch thick. I replaced it with one from k-mart, its working...for now.

  5. It will be hard to find it by listening to the clicks as there could be no clicking sounds. If the indictaors are not blinking most probably there won't be any clicks.
  6. thanks heaps i ended up finding the flasher unit and bought a replacement from a werckers of $15 and it fixed the prob

    thanks again
  7. in your case it was the flasher.

    but some times it can be a blown globe that can stop it from flashing.
    oviously if you check your lights and all 4 are working but staying on and not flashing then it would probably be the flasher.
  8. If any one else encounters this problem again, a poor earth can stop the flashing and make you think the relay is gone.