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Blinker delay

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    After some opinions.

    My blinkers are on the fritz. When I indicate(push the switch left or right) it takes about 10-30 Seconds before the bike actually indicates(the lights come on and start flashing). The longer I ride/the more I use the blinkers the quicker they come on (about 3-15 seconds).

    I initially thought it could be a relay but now I'm leaning towards the switch itself. I was thinking about replacing it myself rather then going to a mechanics but dont want to go out and buy a switch and replace it only to find out its something else.

    I have a 00 CBR600F4(Carby) with stocky blinkers.

  2. Not sure if they have a flasher can like in the cars but I would suggest flasher can/relay then switch.
    reason i would not suggest switch is that it improves with usage/heat etc.
    If you really suspect the switch then (I know I'll get flamed for this but it has never failed me) a quick spray of some form of spray lube/water dispersant/rust dispersant
  3. Yeah, I should elaborate a bit more. When turning left if I hold it left then the blinker will stay on, where if I let the switch fall back to centre it takes a while to go on. This is what made me think the switch. Didn't think to mention it in OP.

    All this varies with every ride though, sometimes it doesn't get much better, sometimes it gets close to right almost straight away (always a delay though).

    Regards to wd40'ing the switch, do you mean just as is on the bike or pulled apart and sprayed?
  4. As is on the bike although from you additional input the switch does sound buggered.
    wd 40 won't hurt it if the switch is buggered.
    If you can pull the switch apart you may be able to clean the contacts.
  5. Thanks heaps Smee.

    You have saved me some time and money with your neat wd40 trick.

    I know that it will probably be a very temporary fix but I'm vouching for Smee's wd40 trick.
  6. Glad it worked, if it gums up again then if you can pull it apart a good clean of the contacts should work otherwise a shot of wd 40 occasionally won't hurt. (worked for my cd250 and the original switch is still on it)
  7. Spray contact cleaner is available fron Dick smith etc.

    The magic bullet for switch and contact problems
  8. +1 a can of Deoxit CO Contact cleaner is the way to go.

    WD-40 works initially but (Are you ready for this Smee? lol ) it leaves a residue that dust sticks to and will build up fairly quickly.
  9. Maybe you should pour the dregs of your morning coffee over the switch, that should wake the contacts up.
  10. Yeppers. Take it apart, wipe it down and check contact points so you don't have to worry about it.

    Won't take you long.
  11. Yeah, thats the plan. Probably will get into it next time it goes on the fritz.
  12. :dance::dance:
    Thanks Smee - I've been struggling for the past few MONTHS trying to get my F4i indicators flashing correctly and especially without delay when starting up - why didn't I think of the switch earlier! ](*,)

    All this began when I had to replace and relocate my rear indicators further back to accommodate my soft panniers - I replaced the flasher relay with an electronic one but that took even longer to fire up and would often take 2secs to fire up even when warmed up, making lane changes somewhat dangerous. I then tried all sorts of combos' from non-LED indicators back to original relay etc etc but still that delay start was there, especially on the right side.

    Anyway, I pulled apart the indicator switch yesterday arvo, electrical-sprayed the heck out of it (it was very very grubby), silicon sprayed coated it (not sure if this is the best thing to use instead of grease), now its as bobs-your-uncle as you can possibly imagine! INSTANT start up now! Woo hoo!

    Thanks Smee! :angel:
  13. I discovered this also.

    After dissambling to access the switch contact module, I just sprayed WD40 to dissolve and flush out the previous WD40 residue and dust, then used the CO Contact Spray (Dick Smith) to flush that out completely. The indicator switch on my '94 ZZR250 now works great!