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Blinging up the ER6F- Videos are up!!!!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Black Magic, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. #1 Black Magic, Jul 5, 2007
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    Hey everyone.

    I have been putting some serious consideration into trading my baby in for a sportier bike.

    After some serious thought I have decided to bling her up and keep her for a little while longer.

    I am after some input into after-market accessories for the ER6F.

    I have been looking into a Two Brothers slip-on titanium exhaust, but am having trouble sourcing it in Brisbane.....
    Sounds great!!!

    Any other ideas on bike mods for me?
  2. I've always thought the ER-6F looks good with Seany on the back, so maybe you need to give him a call.
  3. Seany looks good anywhere- but too much competition for my liking! :LOL:

    He does have great taste in bikes though! :wink:
  4. Woodcraft Rearset, Double bubble Iridium Screen, Power commander is always good if u want the best out of it performance wise

    Oh and did I mention ME????? PMSL
  5. You think you would look good on the back of my baby? :wink:

    Thanks 2 Stroke- now to find them all and have a look! :)
  6. Interesting to hear you're hankering for a sportier bike, is it the power, suspension, flickability or looks that you're lacking with the 6f?
  7. It is a great bike, very comfortable and cute, but so upright. I really miss the sportier riding position of the ZZR. My options are spend a lot and keep it- or trade.

    Looked at a ZX6R and a CBR600RR. The Honda was so comfortable and I was VERY tempted, but I am thinking some after market bars and a few other mods and keep the ER for another year?? :?
  8. Some clip ons would certainly change the riding position for you a little as will the rear set (usually back and up 1 inch on average) so you will feel more gp style stance with those 2.

    And i recon i would look pretty good sittin behind you on ur ERF. Just a pitty I dont have a pillion seat on my bike :(
  9. A new exhaust and bars would make a big difference.

    Of course, many women think a new bar makes a big difference..... not so many are keen on their exhaust being messed with though.......
  10. I have seen and heard a Remus pipe with and without the baffle in and it sounded and looked great. Remus are easy enough to get from most bike shops.
  11. yeah new bars and maybe a little bikini screen and off ya go! :cool:
  12. :LOL: matty you do realise the er-6f has a fairing don't you???
  13. :rofl: Holy cow, must be pretty dirtbike style..
  14. Yeah but BM in a bikini! Go on you were thinking it to! :shock:
  15. I will try it out and see whether the bikini blings her up a bit! :wink:

    Yes phizog- it is very dirtbike- the little ZZR was way sportier even though it was a sports tourer itself!
  16. oh, i got ya now, no i never thought that, i'm such a innoccent young man, i swear i am :LOL:
  17. I think the best modification you can do to your bike would be to hang a sign on the back proclaiming "NSW Rule" :LOL: :LOL:

    What's with your avatar Wendy????? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
    That nearly slipped by without comment!

    On topic....how about new screen, smaller indicators/mirrors, wave discs, coloured chain, braided lines, anodised bolts......
    where to start really..? :grin:
  19. the er-6's have wave discs :twisted:

    but yeah some carbon look mini indicators would look a little hot on there
  20. I almost used the 'f' word but realised I am on a forum Jeff!!! :evil:

    My maroon streamers are still flying off the back of my baby with pride!

    God damn avatar!!!!! :roll: 28 days until I get me feathered wings back! :cry: