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Blinging the Zook

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by DarkHorse, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Bought this a few weeks back:

    2000 model Suzuki GSXR750 (K1)

    It came with:
    K3 fairings in yellow/black
    Puig Dark tint double bubble racing screen
    Goodrich colour-coded brake lines and front discs

    Yoshimura RS-3 Titanium slip-on muffler

    520 chain and sprocket conversion
    And a silver rear wheel. What the...? First thing was to paint that black...

    This my daily commuter from FTG to the city, so a Ventura rack was purchased second hand:

    And fit the Zumo 550 on the RAM mount for exploring

    The bike has been in for a major service, including valve clearances and compression testing. Chain had a horrible tight-spot, so that was replaced with an RK racing gold GXW ring chain.

    I have a list of performance stuff (see below) that will come, however I don't need any more horses at the moment (plenty of trouble handling what I've got) and the money is just a bit tight.

    Instead, I am focussing on a bit of subtle (and some not so subtle) bling to set the bike apart. I know there will be plenty on here jumping to deride the "show before go" mentality, but that's the reality.

    So, I have added:

    AMG (Rizoma copy) gold grips ($50)

    Carbon Fibre heel guards ($30 - eBay)

    Reflective gold rim stripes ($10 - thanks Fookster)

    The wish list is:
    - Power Commander and dyno tune
    - K&N or BMC air filter (any suggestions as to which?)
    - Timing Retard Eliminator
    - Yoshi full system
    - Ohlins TTX shock
    - Suspension refresh internals or replace forks

    - Dual headlight conversion
    - Radiator guard
    - Oggys
    - Valter Moto Rearsets
    - Shift-i shift lights/gear indicator
    - Gold bar ends (grips are buzzing now with less weight on the end)
    - Pazzo gold levers
    - Mini LED indicators
    - Tail tidy
    - CF Rear hugger
    - Stomp tank grips
    - CF look petrol cap cover

    Additions/Mods are going to end up costing more than the bike did, but what the hell. I like it, and I'm happy with it.

    If anyone has any suggestions for things I'm missing or could do differently (or where I can get stuff cheap!) please feel free to comment.

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  2. ***UPDATE***

    Some slight changes of plan based on availability of cheap bits:

    Plain black ABS rear hugger rather than CF - If I get the time and motivation I might chuck a yellow or gold stripe down the middle just to set it off nicely:


    Since the boss/cook is in Sydney for a while and there is no-one else to sit on the back I've decided to lose the pillion pegs as well and chuck the exhaust hanger that the previous owner gave me.


    Full Akrapovic system instead of Yoshi - got this on eBay for less than $450, just need to clean it up and whack it on:


    Alarm will go on while I've got the fairing off for the exhaust as well. Next big job will be the undertail, when I can bring myself to fork out for the fairing eliminator, indicators etc.
  3. Very nice! Loving the gold/black scheme, its something you don't see a lot of and makes it look schmick in a kinda grungy yet credible kinda way. Nice CF touches, is it the legit stuff? Certainly looks the goods.

    Good onya! - boingk
  4. Yeah, don't see many other wasps around any more.

    The heel-plates are real CF, and of course the Akra can is real. Would have liked a CF hugger, but this one came up cheap. Also on the list is front fender and air intakes - there were some on eBay last week but I couldn't bring myself to fork out after the exhaust. Trying to watch the budget a bit at the moment. Now that I've gone for the real stuff I can't mix and match with "CF look" because it will be too obvious!

    Akra full system is now fitted!!! OMFG what a difference - throttle response is clean, crisp and fast and the engine spins up really quickly. Lovin' it! Doesn't feel too lean, and I'll keep an eye on temps in the next couple of days. Foul smell coming up into the cockpit (originally it was a leak, which new gaskets solved) which I'm hoping is just the polish/grease/degreaser etc burning off. If it doesn't go away after tomorrow (80km round trip to work) then I'll have to get it checked out.

    Predictably enough I ran out of time to do the alarm install, so that will have to wait til next weekend.
  5. UPDATE:

    Akrapovic full system with CF can fitted! Full write-up in the mod section coming, but here's some pics:

    A tip for anyone doing this themselves - don't think you can get away without gaskets, even if the existing system didn't have them! Getting off the bike after a half hour test run and vomitting from exhaust fumes is not pleasant!

    My shiny new headers:

    My shiny new can:

    I reckon the CF looks much better than the titanium Yoshi slip-on, and the extra responsiveness from the Akra headers is unbelievable. Motor spins up and gets you going so much better than the stock system did, and it's not offensively louder at low RPM than before.

    I think it is going to need a tune though, as I'm getting a 'double-pulse' at 4-5000rpm on the way up and on the over-run which is a little disconcerting. Can't pick it at idle and disappears once you get going, but that's probably just because the motor's spinning too fast to pick out the individual pulses. Anyone who can advise on this?
  6. UPDATE:

    Just a little thing, but I've replaced the cheesy tank pad with a plain black one - looks much schmicker. I've fitted it up much higher than the last one, as my textile jacket scratches high on the tank if I'm tucked in to get out of the wind/rain on the freeway. There is no flap covering the zip, so it makes direct contact.

    Gave the tank a quick cut and polish while the old one was off to get rid of the existing wear.


  7. UPDATE:

    Fitted the Shift-i rev lights that I bought for $50 from bren (cheers, mate!):


    Wiring was easy - 3 wires and all the info you need on the website for most bikes wiring. This is the flat shape rather than the curve that sits around the tacho, which I don't mind because the curve doesn't quite fit on the curve of the instrument panel, and the straight line fits nicely as is.
  8. Mate that looks awesome... I love the gsxr 750... that's what i'll be getting when i'm off my restrictions... I'm looking at the K7 or K8 series...
  9. Cheers v-petn,

    I'm pretty happy with it now - I need to stop spending money on pretty bits and save for the major mechanical attention it needs! That said, I haven't paid anything close to RRP for anything:

    Full exhaust - $2000ish, I paid $450
    Ventura Rack - $200ish, I paid $150
    RJays bag - $200ish, I paid $50
    CF heel-guards - $100, I paid $30
    Shift-i - $150ish, I paid $50
    Rim strips - $40ish, I paid $10
    Astars V4 suit - $1650, I paid $500
    Ixon jacket - $400, I paid $80

    You get the idea! Ebay is really useful!

    I can't recommend these bikes highly enough - if it's what you want then get one. Will keep you interested for a long long time. Wish I had the money for a K7-8...
  10. UPDATE:

    Finally got around to ordering and installing the bar ends - about $30 from RatedR via eBay, thanks Steve.

    Since losing the old ones to install the new grips the vibes have been numbing my hands on the commute every day. Problem now solved!

    Of course things weren't quite as easy as they could have been - the new grips overhang the ends of the bars by about 10mm, meaning that I couldn't get the bar-ends close enough to the bar for them to lock in properly. Out comes the Stanley knife, and a bit of hack and slash later they went on, and I was able to keep the gold ring at the end of the grips which keeps everything looking nice and schmick (ie hides my mess)

    Problem #2 was that the throttle tube on the right bar protruded ever so slightly from the end of the bar, and the friction between the grip and the bar-end combined to make the throttle stick when the bar end was tightened. Took a bit of phaffing and tweaking, but we got there!

    The gold doesn't quite match, but it's close enough. I like the look, but more importantly love having feeling in my hands after half an hour on the freeway!

    Now for a set of black/gold Pazzos... and still 'saving' for piston ring/valve seal job (Brett drew my attention to Wiseco upgrade, the bugger!) and Dyno/filter. Oh, and getting worried that my clutch is on the way out... Eeeek.
  11. That's a great looking unit.

    I need to sort my exhaust out (ie get a Akra header system to suit the can or do the stainless collector bypass)

    Just wondering, is your Akra exhaust pretty much straight through except for the perforated walls of the carbon can?

    Have you had a crack at the suspension yet?

    I saw some great looking shorty levers the other day - thinking of some for my Gixxer.

    Good work - be interested to see how you go with the Wiseco kit.
  12. Thanks Jiembo!

    The Akra exhaust is strainght 4-2-1 pipes - it predates the collector/cat malarki that emissions restrictions have made necessary in recent years. Some photos here:

    Haven't touched the suspension yet - even the normal adjustments. The bike has felt pretty good as I got it, and the engine work is kinda taking priority (except for the cheap pretty bits I'm buying in the meantime!)

    I'm thinking Pazzo or ASV... Pazzo's are a bit cheaper with Mladin's new business, but still $250 a set.

    I leave Melbourne in about 6 weeks, so don't thinkl I'll be able to get the pistons done before then... will have to find somewhere in Sydney to do it.
  13. Quick Update:

    Installed Oxford Columbia LED indicators upfront after mishap damaged stock ones:

    Bit of drama installing them as one side of the bike wiring had been reversed, confusing the hell out of me. Anyhoo, they're on and working.

    I will have to revisit soon and go over all the wiring in that area, and bolt them properly now the blanks have arrived from RatedR.

    More details soon...
  14. braided lines are good too mate ;)

    btw I think you should improve the suspension and braking before you touch stupid pazzos :p

    pazzos, all bling. 250 dollars for two pieces of metal are a little steep in my books :LOL:

    bike looks pretty good but :)
  15. Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this... Will have to take a photo of the rear indicators and chuck it up.

    In the meantime, I have had two major cosmetic projects, one good, the other not so much.

    First, the fail. The guy I bought the bike from gave me an undertail unit that he had bought but not installed. I have been luggin it around with me for months, and finally decided I should just go ahead and do it.

    Here's what it should have looked like:
    Hot, huh?

    The first issue I had was that I didn't want to cut the lugs off the subframe, and I still wanted the rack to stay, so I would have to modify the undertail. No real drama -
    1) remove exisiting undertail... wait, this goes all the way to the tank and holds the battery etc... oh well, figure it out later
    2) offer up new undertail and mark areas to cut:
    3) cut out gaps with Dremel/cheap Koreanese copy

    Easy. Next, line up bolt holes with mounting points on the sub-frame... wait, this isn't working... either it's not fitting into the duck-tail where the tail-light was, or the holes in the sub-frame aren't lining up. Oh, that's right - 2000 model bike with 2003 fairing. That'll do it. Here's the discrepancy:


    Oh well, this can be fixed, or at least worked around. I'll just get it in posi and drill new holes in one or other. Fine.

    Next, check out the wiring. Indicators are nowhere near roadworthy and asking for trouble, so just pull them out - I'll patch the holes later. Now, tail/braking lights... why are there four wires coming out of each? Surely constant hot (+) for tail, a switched hot for the brakes and a common return (-)??? Grab a 9V battery and start testing... red and black makes half the lamp light up red... OK, other half must be brake... no, blue and black does the same... yellow and black... oh crap. Integrated indicators in the tail lights AS WELL!!! Dammit! So there is no difference between the supposedly constant tail lights and the important extra "pay attention" brake signal, both of which only use half of each lamp, the other half of which lights up yellow.


    Oh well, guess this is no good to me. Remove sexy looking undertail and install it on the inside of nearby garbage bin. Re-install stock undertail, complete with hideous rear fender.
  16. Next up - I came accross a nice looking replacement triple-clamp on fleabay, which I bought to enable me to get rid of the very tired and scratched up original. To me it was always the most obvious, constant reminder of the bike's age:
    (I had already swapped out the stock steering stem nut - that was an absolute b*tch to get undone without a suitable spanner/socket...)

    So... undo bolts clamping triple to forks - easy. Undo overkill bolts holding triple down onto clip-ons - fiddly and awkward, but fine. Try to lift triple clamp off fork legs - takes some convincing, and the ignition barrel wants to come too. OK, free up wiring, convince the clamp off the forks, flip clamp over to get at bolts...:
    Ah crap. What the hell are they? Not just Torx bolts - SECURITY Torx. I don't have bits for that. And it looks like the last person to play with this didn't either, and mashed it up instead (bolt head on the left)

    Quick trip down to Repco, who miraculously have a set of Security Torx bits. Try a normal Torx in the mashed one, just in case I get lucky... as if. OK, I get to play with Easy-Outs. 4mm drill bit through hardened steel is really boring. Got there eventually and the Easy-Out worked like a charm. Other bolt was REALLY stiff, Loctite on both.

    Once both were out I discovered what the spacers that had come with the new Triple were for - the ignition barrel. The threads on the originals were protrusions that the new clamp didn't have. As a result, the bolts I had just removed (one of which was now destroyed anyway) were not long enough. Back down to Repco for some 50mm M8s, and I had won:

    Fitting back to the bike was easy enough (relatively) although it needed even more pursuasion as the ignition barrel was now very tight against the head-stock. Eventually fine, and here is the finished product:
    I love it, nice and clean, schmick, and the ignition barrel even sits flush now, which looks great.

    WIN!!! YAY!!!
  17. Looking really good, mate. Well done :)
  18. Bad luck with the tail, did you end up getting it tuned after you got the akra system on?

    Keep up the good work:)
  19. Cheers cragv. Gotta stop spending money on it though...

    JM - not yet... it's not running too lean, even with the BMC filter in as well. I bought a PowerCommander from a guy on another forum in the states, but when it got here it turned out to be the wrong unit (a 2001 model that was actually one of the first K2s - different injection wiring harness. Dammit!)

    Still weighing up whether to cut mny losses and sell it, get the rebuild done, or get a replacement reco'd engine and swap it out. I can't afford any of them!
  20. Ooops, double post. Connection playing up.

    Mods please remove.