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Blinging the 14 !! New Pics Added.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Will be dropping off the side panels to the paint shop tomorrow. You know the grille looking thingies.. Getting the fins only, painted same blue as bike. Also having the plastic trims on front fender painted up to match.
    Have the carbon look braided lines with blue fittings ready to go on this saturday, and am having a fender eliminator made up from Ratedr in Perth.

    Now for my dilema.. Do i nickel plate rims, or was looking at having the spokes painted and edges polished.. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated..

    Oh and pics will follow as progress is completed.. :grin:

    Pic before blinging..
  2. Put a sissy bar on it and some tasells on the bar ends. :grin:

    Opps wrong bike ,I forgot you sold the cruiser. :p :LOL:
  3. Re: Blinging the 14 !!

    That's how mine are done. I like the look of it. :grin:
  4. I'm with cookee; I love the look of painted spokes and polished edges.
  5. My spokes, centres and middle of rim are a graphite colour, with the rest polished.

    Blue14, what colour would you do yours if you went this route?
  6. Paulie,

    At the bike show, there was a stand just around the corner from netrider that had a zx14 on display with heaps and heaps of bling on it.

    They had carbon fiber fins on this bike that looked horn!! It also had a CF rear hugger from memory and CF fairing infills. Just a thought. Given you have a CF tank pad, why not continue the CF theme?

    Not sure on the rims dude. Would look absolutely horn with nickel plated rims! Prick to keep clean but im not sure on painting the spokes. What colour were you thinking for the spokes?
  7. These are chrome but would look similar with nickel plating i guess..


    Carbon front fender?


    Carbon chain guard?

  8. NOt sure cookee.. I like the sound of yours actually.. :twisted:
  9. Saw the 14 at the expo Scott.. Not too keen on all the carbon bits.. :?
  10. Bling? - this is my favourite
  11. Are they Chromed darwin ?? Was looking at doing something but not too sure what is the best way to go ..
  12. *drooling*

  13. Ceramic coated inside and out. Helps with heat and bike runs a tad quieter and supposedly the header will flow a bit better as ceramic is slippery.
    Pic installed. You can see the difference between chrome and ceramic.
  14. man thats a nice looking 14....but get rid of the bag on the back.

    I'd carry a full-sized pack to keep the lines clean on a nice looking bike like that
  15. where were you planning to get these done and by who
    oh and how much as i want to do mine as well...
    the paint and polish way
  16. Go the painted spokes and polished rims
  17. Thanks slick. Ha, if you don't like the bag you would hate the top box then.

    True the luggage does spoil the lines.
    Well it is a sports tourer.


    Sorry Blue, I will leave your thread alone now.
  18. I just got an oxford tailbag too for longer trips/work.
    Once you get confident that it wont fall off you will wonder how you rode without it. Much better than a backpack :!:
  19. I will find out from a mate of mine who does this stuff for him.. Ill let ya know soon.. :cool:
  20. Is all good mate.. So what did it cost you to do the headers ?? And i also noticed you filled your lower fairing holes with mesh.. Tell me more .. :grin: