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Bling up Win 7

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mike8863, Nov 16, 2009.

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  2. why is it always ducati.

    tell me when they bring out a ktm theme
  3. Coz (if they squint) it can include a bunch of the Cagiva riders, too.
  4. If it crashes, you hear the sound of gravel and the Blue Screen Of Death comes up in red.
  5. There's a tool on the same site to make your own themes....

    dunno about the orange bsod:-k
  6. Nearly a year of use between the Beta and RC and I never had an application terminate, much less a system crash. A good troll for the Linux/Mac argument, again though........

    Actually the default colour schemes/wallpapers are pretty stunning by themselves, I reckon.
  7. i think they have finally got it right with wind7, not a problem what so ever, time will tell though, didnt they use the old xp system and snazzy it up a bit
  8. no, it's new code, and if you don't buy the Pro version you don't even get the XP Compatibility Module......
  9. Sorry to rain on your optimism.....
    btw..win7...based on vista code....not all that's new is shiny....

    The Inquirer

    First Windows 7 zero day exploit is spotted
    You probably were not expecting this
    By Nick Farrell
    Friday, 13 November 2009, 11:42

    A WINDOWS 7 zero day exploit has been spotted just a day after the operating system was declared risk free in Microsoft's monthly security bulletin.

    The newly found bug was discovered by Laurent Gaffie and details were posted on the Full Disclosure mailing list.

    The Vole is investigating the reported flaw which basically crashes a Windows 7 system when exploited.

    It is caused by a flaw in the Server Message Block (SM8) protocol that forms the backbone of Windows file sharing. When triggered, the flaw results in an infinite loop that renders the computer useless, or at least more useless than it was before when Windows was still running.

    The vulnerability hits Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. There are a couple different proof-of-concept exploits circulating but nothing so far that indicates the flaw is being attacked.

    Crashing the system is not really much good for hackers and the flaw does not provide any unauthorized remote access that could lead to compromising information or performing other malicious activities.

    A work-around to fix the problem involves blocking TCP ports 135 through 139 along with port 445, which stops SMB traffic from entering the network.

    All fairly minor and unlikely, still it does rain on the Vole's parade a little. On Tuesday it was proudly saying there were no security bugs in Windows 7 and now it has to admit that there is one, even if it is no big deal.
  10. Not on my part. I've heard almost nothing but good things about Win 7. I was just putting the infamous Windows BSOD and Ducati red together.

    I wouldn't rule out a cryptic reference to Stoner's crash on the warm-up lap at Valencia though...8-[
  11. Are we to assume this report is totally unbiased? Favouring another OS perhaps?

    Mine is going on on Wed :)
  12. i have win7 ultimate, happy days
  13. passed on the info as is......you draw your own conclusions / make your own assessment

    I wouldn't call the inq biased, rather, more jadded and not wearing rose coloured glasses..

    ie.... never one to miss an opportunity to poke a stick at the overweight lumbering corporate dinosoaur.
  14. ... also based on the common methodology in use for all scare campaigns today, CC for example, "It hasn't actually happened, and it might only effect one user, but we'd better run around like scared chickens bleating about the sky falling..."