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Bling for Sportsbikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Justus, May 10, 2007.

  1. Rated R Custom Motorcycle Parts


    Steve is from WA.

    Have always had good dealing when purchasing accessories off him.
    Replies to all my emails & promptly delivers the goods.

    Bought an item off him mistakingly thinking it was for two. When we
    both realised my mistake, he sent me two anyway.

    Heaps of items for Gixers, Busa's, R1's & Ninja's. [​IMG]

  2. When I asked him about flush mount indicators for the firestorm he barked at me.

    He can keep his stinky bling parts :)
  3. Yeah good service had by me too. Only guy I could find anywhere that had the LED's I wanted for my fender eliminator.

    Big thumbs up from me. :grin:
  4. Hmmm, really Vic.. :? I have bought something from him and asked him many of questions. Always found him to be a top bloke..
  5. Last Sat my brother had my bike & decided to put some of his accessories on.

    ZX Billet Mirror Blockers

    Green LED Parking Lights

    Razor sharp Bar ends

    Modified the eliminator so he could put my plates further up into
    the bike and also so it could sit flush with the undertail. Plates are
    now only fully visible from immediately behind the bike & registration
    removed as no room for holder to fit bolted onto plate.

    http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p162/GonadsM/Bike Clips Aust/Picture154.jpg
  6. Sorry, MG, I can't see one redeeming feature of those razor-sharp bar ends. Even the name makes you think about what will happen to you or someone else if you have a drop or an accident. In my mind they are dangerous, and should be illegal.
  7. Have to agree...why would you want a spear on the end of each bar?

    dan-ger-oos if you ask me.
  8. I've had some good experiences with RatedR parts... bought a few accessories from them with mostly minimal problems... for the record, my bar ends were chrome and decidedly unrazor like...
  9. And it might be yourself that they impale! :shock:
  10. yeah he never answered me about the flush mounts either but was pretty prompt in telling me that he would soon have gold levers in and would email me to say they are in stock, still waiting
  11. :shock:
  12. Plain scary looking - why would you?
  13. You can only touch em lightly so yeh, they would easily tear someone
    open but so can alot of other things. I had no problems with em when
    Vic Roads inspected less than a week ago.

    I made an error. These are not made by R-Rated.

    They are made by my mate Ian at his work during spare time.


    He also made my rear spools:

    and tonight I was over at his place again & he chucked a headstem plug
    in for me.

  14. Gold leavers Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmm, when you here give me a yell mate ok !!
  15. You must be one of the unlucky ones because I can say I've only ever
    had positive experiences with Steve.

    Anytime I've contacted him, I've heard back from him within 24hrs so I'll
    keep taking stuff off him. And lemme tell you. I've contacted him a shitload
    of times.

    Dosent even have to be off ebay. I dont use ebay that way he saves having
    to pay commission fees to em. Just tell him what I want, deposit the money
    into his account & within a few days the package arrives in the mail. :cool:

    Thats one of the positives I found on ebay. Once you develop that relationship
    and the seller has proven themselves to be trustworthy you can start doing
    business on the side and you know the seller is going to go out of their way
    to help you out.

    Ian who I mentioned in my previous post is a prime example.