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Bling bling russian bike.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, May 27, 2005.

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  2. not sure why, but im liking it :shock:
  3. ultimate poser bike, you can stare at the bike as well as yourself in the reflection while sipping a machiato.
  4. I hate myself for it, but I really like that.

    I know I'm picking here, but it has the original plastic-topped key in the ignition. Surely after all that money, for an extra $10....................
  5. i think Morpheus got that bike to swallow the pill in the MATRIX..........

    on another note, too bad you cant chrome the tyres to complete the picture.
  6. for those that dont understand russian, the comments underneath the pics say much the same as mentioned here on netrider.

  7. They forgot to chrome the ignition key!!!
  8. That thing is quite oddly attractive! At first i thought it was an MV Augusta (quad rear pipes), but then i saw the tuning fork logo.

    Goddamn... i'll ad that one to the list of mods to do should i ever get an R1; the quad pipes not the chroming... thats insane.
  9. Man O Man.... I really want to hate that..... but god It's impressive.... 8)
  10. Already we have khromirovanye bimery, geldings, cobras... Came time chrome-plated flannelette...

    it impresses, on similar not one gayets will pass imkho of nakhy :]
    MockBu4 (email) - on 25 May ' 05 - 00:46

    I think, this is terrorist, you represent it will go this villain at sunny noon and of the sunbeam reflections of solar releases to five kilometers it okrest, one circle on MKAD two-three of hundred DTP... Any bomb rests!
    Ghor - on 25 May ' 05 - 01:03
    for similar of bayk I would kill man... or two...
    mikha - on 25 May ' 05 - 02:04

    Blya, this is - PROJECTILE, but not bayk! On similar in the real to look...
    Not the word impresses!
    S.T.O.R.M. - on 25 May ' 05 - 02:20
    I to weeping...
    fatherlaw (email) - on 25 May ' 05 - 02:24
    f disyatke niipet
    funtik - on 25 May ' 05 - 02:33
    For such knobs horseradish of uderzhizhsya))), this demo-.bike...
    Gollandec (email) - on 25 May ' 05 - 02:33
    there will offensively be on similar zastelittstso
    zmi - on 25 May ' 05 - 03:14
    Yes, knob- that it was necessary nevertheless rubber to leave. But the zh you nayebnesh'sya from it, hundred it is meter you will not pass.
    Vetal' - on 25 May ' 05 - 04:23
    To akhuyet', give two!
    Usver - on 25 May ' 05 - 04:58
    Beautifully... To niche not you skazhish'
    Only 4 on similar to drive it did not begin - time on the cops to expend not akhota:)
    And to vashche! Panty and niche are more
    tratotoshka - on 25 May ' 05 - 06:25
    Yes this fotoshop of)))))))))))))))))))
    11111111 - on 25 May ' 05 - 07:41
    o!eprst!kakaya piece...
    corben - on 25 May ' 05 - 08:02
    Casings are good
    fynjy - on 25 May ' 05 - 09:00
    krasava, no bimer 325 bil toje ne ploh - zrelishnaia shtuka
    down_.town (email) - on 25 May ' 05 - 09:19
    a che za model to?
    the mc - on 25 May ' 05 - 10:24
    Na ninzu Pohozh
    yurik - on 25 May ' 05 - 11:01
    anabioz - on 25 May ' 05 - 11:09
    New Yamaha R1 - 20k$
    Interestingly how much chrome plating left...
    On similar on Moscow to pass, enthusiasm more than on any sportkupe it will be
    WWWorm - on 25 May ' 05 - 12:47
    Khakh... to look... As in that anecdote: - pancake, what girl! - Daaaa to ottrakhat'... - yes Lan to look to that who it trakhayet... - yes what there to look, to draw off in that who it trakhayet! Apparatus of super-!
    Hunter - on 25 May ' 05 - 12:49
    ... there are no words simply!
    ANONYM - on 25 May ' 05 - 14:37
    It is interesting to know, how much this cost so bayk to finish it stands more than it stands itself in the store: (
    Misha (email) (link) - on 25 May ' 05 - 15:56
    fignya complete. looks like the fir tree toy
    name - on 25 May ' 05 - 18:32
    Here and in jump did manage this shnyaga??? Probably, it is more expensive than the motorcycle?
    Sanya (email) - on 26 May ' 05 - 00:18
    Oh well it is straight as my)))
    But the knobs there in my opinion of elastic are taken simply by............
    Troi - on 26 May ' 05 - 01:39
    i cant read your typing cause its all gobbldy goop
    wtf.. weird typing (email) (link) - on 26 May ' 05 - 02:54

    kruto..a of knob is correct zhelatl'no, but in principle in the suit it will normally be....
    varlok - on 26 May ' 05 - 03:18
    4 he did not understand, who did unscrew carriage from this flannelette?
    vovan (email) - on 26 May ' 05 - 04:46
    niк moped, powijebiwatsja pojdet.
    planakur - on 26 May ' 05 - 06:20
    ............ Keen ell!! Brill!
    Chris aka "bristolmod" (email) - on 26 May ' 05 - 06:42
    Do not envy to that coma it is necessary to pido.it' this bayk each day so that it so it would shine as in the tomcat of egg!!!
    On our that to roads this zhopa from bayk of lenda to the inspection and to again pido.it'!
    Smart - on 26 May ' 05 - 08:17
    Bendix - on 26 May ' 05 - 14:30
    Who pizdel about the knobs, you will look there they do go rubber lines, that the hands did not slide, you blya from what village? Visit to any site of kharleya there only such knobs and they go... You neznayete do not write khuynyu...
    Bambuk - on 27 May ' 05 - 01:15

    Yestevstvenno of line transparent...

    BABEL FISH i love it!!
  11. haha, like i said on another forum, that is one SERIOUSLY chromed mofo! and the quad pipes do look awesomely awesome on the R1. it's running maxxis tyres....aren't they hell expensive?
  12. Heh heh ten points for the translations!
  13. That thing looks choice
  14. he did not understand, who did unscrew carriage from this flannelette?

    hahahahhah im going to start saying this
  15. allright, I'll see if I can persuade the wife (who is russian) to do up a proper translation
  16. Please note, there is a lot of russian slang in this, so the translation may be off. Also a lot of rather rude words, so Lana (my wife) has done her best to translate, but most are a lot ruder than the translation. Anything in brackets are comments from her.

    We already have chromed bmw's, merc, (some slang car term)....Now it's time for a chromed bike.

    That's impressive. On something like this police will pull you over all the time :)

    I think it's a terrorist. Imagine this bastard riding on a sunny afternoon, this bike reflecting in your eyes from 5 k's away. Circle around (some place) give you 2-300 accidents. Better than any bomb.

    For a bike like that I'll kill a man or two.

    fcuk. It's a weapon not a bike. Wish I could look at it in real life. Impressive.

    I'll pay...

    (No idea)

    You won't be able to hold onto it with your hands its a demo bike.

    It would piss you off to crash it.

    Yeah they should have left the rubber on the handlebars, otherwise you'll crash (some untranslateble swearing) without even going a hundred metres.

    (Even ruder than before, no translation, roughly fcuk!!, but worse) Can I have two?

    Beautiful...what can I say.
    Only I wouldn't ride this - I don't want to waste my time on cops :)
    Show off!

    That's just photoshop )))))))))

    (some rude exclamations) Nice thing.

    Nice tyres.

    Beauty, but a beamer 325 wouldnt be bad either - looks sweet

    What model is it?

    Looks like Ninja.

    cop magnet :)

    New Yamaha R1 - 20k $
    I wonder how much the chrome cost...
    If you ride around moscow, showing off more than any sports car.

    Ha...look...like that joke:
    "fcuk what a girl!"
    "Wish I could fcuk her!"
    "Forget about it, wish I could look at the one fcuking her"
    "Wish I could suck the dick of the one fcuking her"
    Super machine!

    ...I don't know what to say!

    I wonder how much it costs. Here it would cost to do up this bike more than the bike itself in shop :(

    Total crap...looks like a christmas tree decoration.

    Oh exactly like mine )))
    About the handlebars I think they just took the rubber off.

    Cool...would be necessary to have handlebars, but actually in full gear it would be okay....

    I don't understand, who took the sidecar off? (Inside joke, most of the bikes in russia have sidecars)

    Nice scooter, good to screw around on.

    I don't eny the one who has to clean this damn bike everyday so it shines like a cats balls. On our roads (again russian roads real bad) its a pain in the butt, ride from a to b, have to clean again.

    Who was bitching about the handlebars? There's rubber lines so you're hands won't slip. What fcuking village are you from? Go to any harley site they all have handlebars like this...if you don't know, don't write crap (Really, really rude words all over).

    Of course rubber lines are transparent....
  17. Big Ups to Lana!!! Thanks for the translation, you did a mighty fine job. 8)
  18. not bad,it would be a prick of a thing on the road with the reflection to other cars
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