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Bling Bling Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Riding home yesterday (or the day before) I saw a guy with a highly reflective helmet. Imagine the look of polished rims or a polished frame, well this is exactly the colour/look of this helmet. Anyone know what make and model of helmet it is?

  2. 2001 Mark 43b Target mixing bowl???

    No sorry, but there is a place in Lenah Valley (Hobart) that specialises in customising helmets... "Lid Design" 0408 545 834

    Worth a ring if yo want bling

  3. I've seen one turn up at friday night coffee a few weeks back J
  4. I can't remember the details but Peter Stevens - Elizabeth St had one on the shelf about a week ago. It was right next to the camouflage model. :shock: There was a guy checking it out: "Oooh man, that's just, like, soooooooo Rambo! Gotta have it!"
  5. Yup, that looks like it. Thanks. I wonder how good it would look after a few scratches. Hmmmm, I need a new helmet shortly :)
  6. There is also a brand called KBC producing a model: VR-1 that is available in Chrome.
    I tried one on at Sportsrider in Launceston in 2004.
  7. Going by AMCN's Bike Biz (NSW) advert it retails for $349.95.
  8. Thx. Interestingly, KBC webiste doesn't even list a VR1 model and none of their other models have a chrome/bling look.
  9. Yes, they were KBC's at Peter Stevens. I remember they were on the shelf below their flip-face model.
  10. Ask Matt, he'd know .......
  11. Now that is one step beyond. :LOL:
  12. Yep, stuffed if I can remember the guys name though. ](*,)

  13. Wonder how good it would look with the light deflecting off it into the eyes of the rider/driver behind?
  14. While they do glean, they are a bit dullish and don't reflect as well as a mirror. So, shouldn't pose too much of a problem in that regard.

    The only problem for me was that my head was too large to be able to fit when I tried one on. Drats....
  15. Ok it looked to me like it would reflect like that one way mirror stuff but as always I stand to be corrected! See & I didn't even say anything about big heads!
  16. And its appreciated. :)
  17. I think my mate has one... It could be a HJC?? I think my mate buys hemets and shoes to suit his moods... I have never met a man who had so many bike boots and helmets... (6 pairs of boots and 5 helmets)