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Bling Bling for the car

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Dazza, Oct 28, 2005.


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers 8)
  2. Well now I really have seen almost everything.
    Almost as sad as those spinning whilst stopped mags.
  3. What, by obstructing the exhaust with a wanky piece of spinning plastic (how long before that turns black?) :roll: :LOL: . The fact they extend out from the exhaust also makes them illegal but I can't imagine that'll stop people fitting them.
  4. Otherwise reffered to as spinners... :p Theyre what you use on Pimp mobile's as Bender would refer to them as...

    Whats worse than spinners though is the spinner hub caps from K-Mart and such...
  5. In America, where i presume they were made, as long as your POS moves, and doesnt break any pollution barriers your ok! You can have huge superchargers hanging out the bonnet that are so big you have to hang out the drivers window to see, or you can have all sorts of funky neons in over or under you car, or whatever TV screen you want mounted where ever you feel, and those cops will let you keep on driving. They realise that considering none of this stuff affects any other road users in reality that its all ok....
  6. could you imagine pulling the spinning exhaust off and then placing a bananna in the exhaust pipe and then placing the thing back on again... that way you could still have fruit salad while camping...

  7. "Spinners" Ok I can handle the hip terms ermmmm...

    I wonder if I can get some of those flashing LED valve caps that flash when you ride? I saw them in Asia and they were all the rage on the (what appeared to be) 10 million + scooters zipping everywhere.

    I got my kids some of those coloured spinning flower things that you get at markets and so forth. I wonder if a couple of them strapped to the forks would look "Pimp" 8)
  8. Oh yeah they rok, gonna have to get me a set for the GPX.... Now thats why i havn't been pulling all the ladies i should have been!!!

    I reckon they would......maybe even attach a couple to a pack rack on the back.... Totally pimpin dude!!

    Or what would be funny, mount a couple of the old penny wheels to the front forks, light em up with a windproof lighter when a cager almost wipes you off the road and see if they pull over or run like hell :p
  9. Well, I guess it's been hinted at, but someone's got to say it out loud; an exhaust spinner that extends and retracts is a poor compensation for...... nah, I just can't bring myself to say it :LOL:

  10. Compensation for someone who farts alot?? :p

    come on tell me..... :LOL:
  11. More likely they're made in China. Also in most (all?) American states having 3rd party insurance is mandatory - it's not the government that has to pay out if aftermarket mods kill or maim someone hence the reason they don't care what you do.
  12. Yes all states im prety sure...

    Thats why registering a car over there costs about 50 bucks a year, you get to organise all your own insurance yay!

    I think hydraulics is the only thing the cops are allowed to go you for over there, and only if you use them, not for having them... I think that was most likely brought out to give the cops another reason to get all uppity on "Ghetto Gangsters"
  13. Both wrong, and right. Having lived there, I can tell you that they have (with some variations from state to state), every bit as much legislation as we do against modified vehicles, in California possibly more. The difference is that they almost never bother to enforce it. Thats pretty cool except when you get stopped, and they just don't like you. They can then trot out a whole bunch of 'citations' that they happily ignore for the othe 99% of the population. I can tell you from (expensive) experience, that CHP are very good at this game.
  14. I didn't think that the exhaust tip with the red LED's around the perimeter could be bettered in the pursuit of useless, but very "bling", accessories.

    Well aren't I the fool :?

    If you fitted one of these to the oversize milo-tin cans on some of the pimpin' rice burners around Hobart you'd need a plane license to drive.

    oooo gotta show this to the guy with the neon'ed ZZR250 8)

    Never could get into "blingosity", but hey, if it floats yer boat....
  15. spinners

    OLD! :roll:

    Rice boys from around the globe have had these for ages, now......
  16. It may be so :roll:

    But can YOU point out a thread that has discussed it :roll:

    So then it has relevance :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Always one woulda coulda shoulda RICE BOY amongst us :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Cheers 8)