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Blind tarago drivers!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Phat Larry, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Well here to vent my anger.:nopity:
    this wasn't a miss but no idea where to post it.

    So today was in Ware St Fairfield (NSW), and so im behind a tarago fair enough keep some distance from him so he can see me in all his mirrors.
    anyways this guy decides to stop so i stop and wait. He puts on his reverse lights on.I'm thinking ok maybe his gonna check his mirrors ill honk him twice.
    nope didn't hear and went right into me (maybe 20km/h easy) running over my front wheel and some how my right foot( thank god for my boots they did the job =D>
    Anyways i get up pissed off. guy comes out "oh i didn't see you" WTF im like i was easy a car length away from you and i honked you. Anyways we took each other details and asked if he had insurance which he did.
    Bike has some scratches but thank god no cracks on the fairings.
    Bike now isn't going straight.
    gonna take it to the shop see what the problem is.

    anyways end of rant.:-({|=

  2. Ok, STOP.

    1) Call the police, report, and ask them to take a report. They may or may not.

    2) Call YOUR insurance (if you have one for repairs to your bike). Alternatively call HIS insurer and ask them what the process is. It will just make things easier. Be sure to mention he admitted fault by saying he didn't see you and that he apologised.

    3) Get quotes for factory part repairs. Your bike likely has a bent fork/clamp/headstem/bearings/possibly ****ed frame/likely a warped wheel too. The bike is gooone.

    4) At least call his insurer to ensure he isn't full of shit.

    5) Contact HIM with a letter of demand after getting 3-4 quotes from different shops. It is HIS responsibility to notify the insurer.

    6) Don't go getting repairs done until the ****ers @ insurance company tell you that they will without any problems pay for it at your preferred repairer. While you are not obligated to do so, as the driver is really the one paying and he has clear liability.
  3. If there's damage to the frame + forks etc and it's a 1990 GPX... I'd say chances are you're going to get a pay-out instead of the repairs done ?

    Can another insurance company declare your bike an economic write off and give you a payout instead of repairing? (tbh I wouldn't want to ride a bike after that)
  4. 1) ok police report done.
    2) I Got 3rd Party so useless.
    3) K tomorrow should get 1 quote so 3 to go.
    4) Dumb me should have asked for his insurance details.
    5) I'll get that prepared
    6) Ok i won't pay lol

    damn should have used my helmet camera!!
    Yeah it was kinda scary to ride. Wind will blow and the bike would wobble.
    Thank god it wasn't far from where i live.
    Thanks again for the help.
  5. Why did he reverse???? That doesn't usually happen on the road for no reason...weird....

    Glad you're ok tho.
  6. Reasons can be very strange Zapod69...

    Had an elderly lady do this to me when I was driving a car 4 months ago at a T-intersection. She had to reverse at least 2 car lengths up an incline to contact me and I was on the horn as soon as I saw her reversing lights go on. After apologising she gave this excuse - the car next to me (who was turning right) put their left blinker on.

    Huh? Luckily I was in an ol' sh!t box ('92 model Magna wagon) and didn't receive any damage which is more than I can say for her late model bubble car.
  7. yeah it's a one way street too.
    Think a car was leaving and he was trying to get the parking spot 3-4 cars down!!
  8. Hmm, I seem to be having issues with Honda Odessy's of late.
    Similar user but wonder if they're harder to look out of...

    Last couple of times, drivers were very short and you could on just see their heads which were not much higher than their steering wheels.
  9. Next time you are sitting behind a reversing car just overtake them on the centreline (bearing in mind their nose will jut out across it when they turn to get into the spot), people usually do a quick glance for large objects behind them when they are reverse parking and they won't spot a bike.

    Horns aren't a good tool, the throttle is preferable.

    Ask the mechanic to write the bike off because the repair job is going to be more expensive than the value of the bike, get a payout (expect around $2K or less) then strip the bike down and sell the good parts on ebay to make enough dosh to buy a new one. People will want your engine parts (except the casing with the engine number on it), throttle assembly, carbs, tank, plastics, subframe if it's a single unit, and you should be able to get enough together for a reasonable bike if you are patient.

    Good luck.
  10. He stopped. You waited. He reversed. You stood there and watched him roll into you.

    What were you thinking? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this picture?
  11. Have you not read even one thread, saying that blowing your useless horn is a complete waist of time, and that you are better off spending the time looking for escape routes etc!!??

    You just sat there and let the idiot back right over the top of you!!
  12. At least you are not hurt..that's important...pity about the bike..I would guess without seeing it that it will be toast.....but to sit and watch an accident unfold..and do nothing? There should have been a sinking feeling in your gut, a tingle in your feet..a lil voice in your head screaming 'RUN AWAY!'.
    Experience is a great teacher..if there is a next time you might consider using your bikes advantages over a car to escape danger.
  13. His insurance details are just a nice to have. The letter of demand to him is the most important thing. There is a pro-forma here on netrider.

    If it does get difficult, go back and have a good read of your 3rd party insurance. Some companies offer a security amount if the other party doesn't pay up. NRMA is one I believe.
  14. No excuses there should have moved.
    but it's ok I'm fine and thanks everyone for your helpful information and support :)
  15. Insurance companies are have very sticky fingers. So when you fill in your report with them make sure it is EXACTLY what you want it to be and be accurate as you can.

    one of the question on insurance report filling is they ask. 'Did you do anything to try and avoid it?'

    if you put in I saw him/her slowly reverse back into me and i honked my horn but they ran over my bike. They might take a different stand to payouts as im quiet sure they want to minimise all payouts as much as they can.
  16. Yes they will! A very good point!
    Say THAT, and they will easily apportion some of the blame on you...ie.. Our client didn't see you, but you saw him, and then did nothing to avoid the accident. They could go as high as 50/50...

    Soooo....you tried hard to walk the bike backwards, but couldn't get out of the way quickly enough and they just kept coming back, with no sign of stopping ( they didn't use their brakes) this puts the fault clearly with them and you may get 100%.

    Get the gist!!???

  17. Ahhhh, hindsight. Ease up guys, one way street, one lane (?). Not something i'd really be expecting at all and he should have what? Jumped off and just legged it for the footpath? Tried to walk it backwards? I can't say i would have reacted that quickly in that situation at all, or how effective either of those tactics would have been for me in full gear...
    Good luck with the insurance.
  18. The cage driver was clearly at fault and this is how the insurers will see it.
    If you hit something whilst reversing, you are held 100% at fault.

    You think this incident is strange ?

    Some idiot young girl was going around a small roundabout in front of me and she suddenly stopped halfway and went into reverse ! She missed her turnoff. WTF ?
    You just sometimes cannot take into account all the stupid brainless things drivers do.
    Get that Letter of Demand going....they really work if you go thru the process.
  19. That is the dumbest thing (outside politics) I have heard all year. ](*,)
  20. Don't be so harsh! Its along way around a roundabout (ask Brownny). It might have taken her 5 seconds to drive around it, but stopping, reversing, stopping, going forward would only have taken 10, think of the time she saved!!!!