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Blind Spot .. or Careless ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Seriously, was the truckie unable to see this car ??


  2. looked like they where both stupid.
  3. Typical bloody merc driver. No sign of an indicator so how would the truck predict that she'd move onto that lane (other than the obvious careless driving I've come to expect from these prestige road terrorists).

    Mind you the truck driver could have been paying more attention too, and didn't idicate until he had already started to change lanes which seems to be typical of melbourne drivers in general.
  4. Just a little concerned as the merc wasn't in his blind spot right?
    If he couldn't see a fullsize car, what hope does a bike have? :shock:
    Then again, when merging, I usually twist the wrist to ensure I am way up ahead .. thinking this would have helped ?
  5. Now if they were both wearing high viz vests there wouldn't have been a problem. I also noticed that neither vehicle was sporting reflecting tape on their outer shells nor were they eating fallafels.

    .... and their tires were rotating in the incorrect direction...

  6. If they both weren't busy watching the stupid ACA camera men in front of them it might have turned out different.
  7. :-k There might be method in your madness here :p
  8. This one was done on purpose, for one of those tabloid tv shows.
  9. Think you might be spot on there.
    No smoke billowing from the tyres of the truck and the cars wheels keep turning also.

    In a "Oh my god, im gonna die" situation average Joe hits the brakes so hard the firewall bends. When that doesnt work apply more pressure...

    So if it were real, at least one of them i would imagine would be on the brakes SUPER hard. Even with ABS, the merc would be stopped, still moving sideways, but stopped as far as the cars computer were concerned.
  10. the truck had just overtaken another car in the middle lane
    to me it looked like he was looking in his mirror to see that he was clear of that car before moving into the middle lane unaware that the merc in the inside line was wanting to do the same thing,
    i will admit that i have done the same thing, indicate,check mirror, head check, start moving into next lane only to find a car next to me on his/her horn warning me that they beat me there,
    if anyone remembers the ACA story , this was not a setup
    the merc is on his brakes (as indicated by the red lights at the rear)
    "but his wheels are still spinning you say" ABS allows them to do that

    i think the truck driver did the correct thing by not jacking on his brakes in a panic as we have all seen what happens with truck crashes and tunnels

    i have driven trucks and no matter how many windows, mirrors, spotter mirrors you have there are still big blind spots and stuff like this will always happen
  11. Seriously are you unable to read and know that you placed this in the wrong forum :roll:

    Cheers :cool:

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  12. I nearly got taken out by the same truck several times today in my car.

    3 lane fwy. Truck is in the center lane. I enter fwy in left lane, and start speeding up to get past truck (don't like sitting next to them).
    I get ahead by a hundred meters or so.

    When checking mirrors a minute later, I notice the truck hooning up the center lane. (its supposed to be an 80km/h roadwork zone)

    Truck decides that it wants to be in my lane, even though he hasn't passed me yet and I've been sitting on 80km/h the whole time. Truck indicates and starts moving. I hit the brakes to allow him to move over. I move back to the lane a few mins later as I'm exiting the fwy soon.

    Further up the road, the left lane splits in two for the exit. Truck indicates left and moves into the left left lane. I move into the right left lane. further up the road, truck decides traffic is too slow and almost cuts me off moving into my lane.

    After exiting, truck swerves in and out of traffic, erratically, making me wonder if he is pissed. I leave a nice gap in case his truck tips over.

    Traffic clears and truck takes off. Speed limited to 100km/h. my ass..... Truck disappears into distance while I'm doing about 105km/h.

    Wondering if its even worth contacting the company he was carrying goods for.
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  14. Wouldn't be the first time ACA has acted irresponsibly for a story.

    "In 1993, Willesee received public outrage for his controversial action of interviewing, via phone, two young girls who were being held in a hostage situation. Many held the opinion that his actions were reckless and endangered the girls' lives."

    "During a police siege at Cangai, Willesee phoned the three gunmen who had killed five people and abducted two children. Then he played the interview on A Current Affair. "Do you know that Leonard [Leabeater] and Robbie [Steele] have killed some people?" Willesee asked the kids. "Have you seen Leonard and Robbie do some bad things?" The exchange prompted the highest number of viewer complaints to the Australian Broadcasting Authority that year."

  15. That was over a year ago...
    Has there been any outcomes from these "investigations"?
    Looking at the footage, there is no evidence of changes in speed or position of teh camera car, and the truck definately continued its move unsafely, but then again... so did the merc.
  16. Yeah but what you can't see is what a possible 2nd car might have been getting up to further ahead. Haven't seen or heard anything about what became of the investigation, would be interesting to see what they came up with (and to see the tunnel camera's version of events).
  17. I can't google a result of the investigation yay or nay, but you've gotta admit that it's a coincidence about thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis----------------------------------------------------big that on the one(?) trip ACA's two vehicles took through the tunnel to get footage of Trucks Behaving Badly, they end up with a truck/car accident occuring perfectly framed by the "victim of truck aggression" car. Those are some pretty small odds. :-k

    Edit: Further, it's in their very best interests to use their vehicles to promote a situation where traffic becomes frustrated and bunched up behind the camera vehicle. Their whole story is about frustrated and bunched up traffic, afterall.

    Bonus points if they use a longer lens to artificially "compress" the perspective and make it look even more claustrophobic - but that's constrained by the shot dimensions. Editing can make it look unprovoked, and they get great footage for a great story which shows exactly what they want to show.

  18. I personally pin the majority of the blame on the Merc in this case.

    It's always the vehicle on the left which has the better visual in a case of two vehicles merging towards each other and if a truck is involved they have even less view down their left hand side.
  19. if you play the footage in super slow motion you will notice a motorcycle filtering between the 2 vehicles at high speed which obviously caused the trucky to panic.bloody bikers!
    if that was my '91 honda civic,i would have ended up underneath the truck :shock:
  20. the next night after this story went to air they had the truck driver on ACA stating what was in the smh story above (aca's car contributed to accident)
    the reporter replayed the footage again but from a lot further back before accident , there was no speeding up no blocking and no erratic driving
    truck driver just needed someone to blame for some of his actions