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blind corner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by rat man407, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. i was riding home today following this car sitting about 3-4 seconds back not pushing them not in any hurry when there brakes come on i thought ok there just slowing down for the blind corner coming up so go to set up on the brakes then i notice that there where not just slowing down for the corner but had stopped dead just before the corner and where waving me around now I'm not stupid so i just sat there and waited witch is lucky because at about the time i would have been passing the car a semi came around the corner

    so i guess my point is don't trust car drivers and that even if your in a hurry never over take on a blind corner
  2. Good use of judgement there mate. :)
  3. People do some weird stuff at times out on the road. Good thing you were cautious and waited.
  4. How is anyone comprehending this mush?

    Did the driver try to get the rider to go round so he could put him in the path of the truck?????

    Are we expected to BELIEVE that?
  5. Not sure how you got that out of what was written Hornet.
  6. my point exactly
  7. Maybe you mis-interprited what the car driver was trying to do.

    Maybe the car driver felt unsafe going around the corner whilst the semi was there due to size and had stopped safely, and maybe he thought you would have no trouble getting through because you're about 1/10 of the size...

    They're not all 'out to get cha'. :p

    But yeah, good advice!
  8. And I thought my English was bad. So what was wrong with taking the blind corner with the truck going in the opposite direction? Was it cutting into your lane?
  9. maybe he was just trying to wave you through, being nice8-[.... so you could, you know... hit the corners without following some slow cage........believe it or not, some DO do this.......:)

    Had it happen to me quite regularly on the Oxley, :-s am shocked even nowadays.. but it does happen........a wave, and I'm gone :p
  10. ...no punctuation and wrong words made hard for reading. I thought reviewing scientific papers with jargon was bad enough!

    Good on you for sitting back, however the driver was probably being courteous and waved you through not realising a semi-trailer was around the corner (seeing as you said the driver stopped PRIOR to blind corner hence not being able to see around it either). So smart move for not overtaking during a blind corner, but I'm sure the driver didn't want to get you killed...assuming that's what you tried to make it out to be in your OP.
  11. I have found that people do often choose inexplicable locations to wave faster cars and faster bikes through (it's not limited to just us motorcyclists, believe me). As in the OP's example, often on blind corners or on too-short straights, or they'll pull over a little but not enough for the vehicle behind to make an overtake without crossing into oncoming traffic.

    It's kind of them to try to let faster vehicles through, but frustrating that it's often in locations where the offer cannot be accepted.
  12. My theory is the car driver didn't see the semi... SMIDSY excuse doesn;t work though if you get hit by a semi-trailer
  13. wow mate that sounds weird, some people just have a really distorted decision making process, you made a good choice though.

    I have had a similar situation, on the old pacific highway (a fast twisty road in sydney) a guy in a murano decided right before a blind corner that people often take at very fast speeds, to brake hard and pull over the road into the opposite lane to let me and my mate through, he just stopped there. ****ing idiot could have killed someone if anyone had gone around that bend the other way.
  14. Maybe they were letting you pass, but didn't know the semi was coming as it was a blind corner?

    either way, at least you didn't overtake on the blind corner for this particular reason..
  15. Take you time and read it slow.
    Not everyone is up to your expectations of the English written word.

    ratman is telling how it happened he did not accuse the driver of intentionally trying to put him in the path of a semi.

    In actual fact this guy has done a very smart thing by taken catious action which saved a potential accident.

    well done RatMan!
  16. i did not think he was trying to kill me just that it was a stupid move to wave me pass on a blind corner