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Blind Corner - Booze bus - speedo check a little too late...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by gpxkermit250, May 7, 2009.

  1. Self Vent - Im such an idiot for ignoring the fine line of fun and farkhead

    Took the windy bend around the Yarra River from off Alexender Parade South Yarra towards MacRobertsons bridge the other night - Its a lovely sweeping bend from roundabout to roundabout that lulls you into no mans land very quickly. Just past the apex it really tightens up to give you a fright as you try not to look straight ahead.

    Thats least of my worries when the next thing I see is a booze bus (empty, oh great!!) with all eyes on me as I came screaming around the corner at 13,000rpm with no baffles in my exhaust. (now re inserted)

    I got death stares a plenty as I journied down the roll of shame to the first breath tester but no one mentioned anything to me.. I felt so bad and really guilty and pretty stupid.

    Was expecting to be pulled over and red carded for hooning and yellow canary'd for the noise etc, but nothing, just got tested and waved on.

    Stupid me but hopefully lesson learnt - I never want to see myself posting here again for the same reasons.
  2. 10 points if you had pulled a stoppie when coming to a halt for your breatho
  3. no, I think the slight hint of a compression lock when i dumped it into first was enough......
  4. Code:
    I came screaming around the corner at 13,000rpm
    Well on a gpx it doesn't mean much :)

    Tickets happen, if you did get done you can just consider it fun tax.
  5. Re: Blind Corner - Booze bus - speedo check a little too lat

    Thats the funny thing about 250's. People hear the high pitched wine and look up flustered, expecting a bike to wizz past them at 250km/h.

    In actual fact its just me trundling along at 60km/h. :LOL:
  6. if you're worried about your exhaust noise, why the fook would you drop it into first? next time, go UP a gear as you notice the cops while rounding the corner. sure, you will lose what little engine braking was going on, but the reduction in noise will be great.

    nothing wrong with coming to a stop in 3rd rather than 1st, click down when stationary, or just in the last rolling metre, not whilst still flooring it...
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  9. +1

    love it!
  10. That is the funnies tvideo I have seen in ages. Gold. Thanks :LOL:
  11. lol always bring a smile :grin:
  12. :rofl: now that was gold!!!!
  13. Pure Gold! :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Last year, Scumbag, Deyago and I were going from Molesworth to Buxton, popping along at a $1.40, come round a bend only to see a copper in the road, hand up, telling us to stop. Bugger....it was a road block that was required for a bike accident the a couple of hundred metres up the road with a helicopter about to take the rider to hospital.

    So we had a good 40mins by the side of the road, talking to the copper and the pilot whilst the medical staff stabilised the patient. The copper was a top bloke, he only made one reference about our speed, as we were leaving, along the lines of a hushed 'be careful lads.....'
  15. AHAHAHAHA That video wqas frikken awsome ahahaha, had me chucklin for ages, still have a smile on my face lol.
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  17. she bit oldie but she be goodie.
  18. If I was doing 13000 on the Busa which by the way it cant they wouldn't see me lol.
  19. I live a couple hundred metres from that bit of road so make sure every time I ride I go past it at least twice for a good fang. I must worry the crap out of the cagers around me as I totally swerve back and forth the whole way along. It's rather frustrating but that stretch is actually 60kph whilst all the cars generally do about 40-50kph. It's generally policed a fair bit as there is nowhere you can turn off... but that being said if you are looking ahead you should be able to see coppers a mile away across the river travelling both directions. A 250 would just about never be canaried for it's noise. Think about my bike haha. (Now with arrows exhaust).

    As a side note be very wary of the bit of bitumen coming out of the roundabout at macrob bridge turning right onto the road as it is very slippery. I used to lose the tail of my car all the time there under little acceleration.

    When I got pulled for rbt just out of the tues learners ride a good few weeks ago I fanged it and they didn't do anything. I think they can tell the smaller bikes from the really loud ones. Then again my bike isn't really that loud.