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Blind biker!!! Noob rider crash into a trailer

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by POPEYE, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Re: Blind biker!!!

    One of the first few comments:

    "****ing hell - good thing he had the proper gear!"

    These morons are everywhere.

    Whatever gear he was wearing, he was lucky and got launched over instead of into what he hit.
  2. That's weird, my guess is he was watching the guy on the camera bike come up behind him, either that or his Labrador couldn't keep up.
  3. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Bloody hell good thing he had proper gear on! :rofl:

    But seriously, it didn't look like he was going that fast and wham he's airborne
  4. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Is it the same bike? It looks like the guy in front is on a red something, whereas the bike that hits the trailer is clearly orange. Or is it just different lighting?
  5. Re: Blind biker!!!

    But... his helmet didnt fall off?
    If only he was doing 67 instead of 68...
    Camera guy must have seen it and done shedman, deciding it wasnt for him anymore after that wake up call, and gone home and given his balls to his missus.
    Thank **** he was ATGATT, it saved his ass!
    Blabbs to the trailer: "You just made the list."

    What else is trending... i cant think of anything else... :D

    edit: Jack, dude in front was slowing heavily. Diff bike for that impact.
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  6. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Anyone get the rego of that trailer, and was the rider wearing argyle?

    Or was that last week?

    All I can say is, when riding along a nice straight road and a trailer is clearly slowing to turn up ahead, what you should do to avoid hitting it is wear the right boots. :bolt:

    On a serious note... WTF? How did that happen? After watching the video a few times, my guess is the rider tried to swerve between the trailer and the gopro rider without slowing and misjudged it. Badly.
  7. Re: Blind biker!!!

    This was posted and discussed on another moto forum i frequent. Turns out, he was a noob rider who didn't slow down when the group did. He also managed to clip the camera rider's bike, hence the different colour fairings in the video.
  8. Re: Blind biker!!!

    There is a youtube clip of it with comments. The rider supposedly didn't see the trailer (****ed if I know how you can't see it) and went on at full ball. He came out with a broken arm and leg...so pretty much unscathed considering the launching momentum and trajectory. It was a different rider to the one on the red, that was pretty close to stopping.


  9. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Also, I know it wouldn't have made a shit of difference, but were the lights working on the trailer??? Hard to tell.
  10. Re: Blind biker!!!

    "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."

    Is that the official term for "shit riding"?
  11. Re: Blind biker!!!

    LOL that's pretty funny... I just saw it now.
  12. Re: Blind biker!!!

    At least it's better than trying to go for the gap between the car and the trailer....
  13. Re: Blind biker!!!

    That is just insane.... very lucky he survived that one.
  14. Re: Blind biker!!!

    that guy got his shit ****ed up all over the place
  15. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Got what he deserved.
  16. Searching for more people for your list?
  17. Re: Blind biker!!!

    Nup,he is a dumb arsed rider-no sympathy from me.
  18. Re: Blind biker!!!

    A noob on a ZX10, in a group ride at full noise while the pack is slowing down... definitely with Blabbus on this one.
  19. Re: Blind biker!!!

    actually saw a crash last year like this, with pretty much the same results - guy on a gixxer speeding down the oncoming lane as a 4x4 was turning right - collected the 4x4 at the front wheel, got launched at least 30 metres. Looked very similar to that superman effort.