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Blind as a bat!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Riding home from work the other day down Fitzsimons lane (Eltham to Blackburn) I had my first experience with a 4wd merging onto me. We both turn from Main Road Montmorency into Fitzsimons lane and continue down the same road for about 2kms or so until we come to a large roundabout (corner Fitzsimons Lane and Porter St). The lead changed several times leading up the the roundabout as we were both doing similar speeds with him occasionally creeping past me in the right lane then I'll creep past on the left, so we should have known the other was there right!! Well we come to the roundabout at similar times and enter at similar times but I accelerate harder and open up a 3-4 car lead which he slowly closes as we approach the next intersection. Well this goose wants to turn left and as he's in the right lane he puts his left blinker on and slowly starts moving across, what the =D> nice one idiot you have a bike right next to you.
    I know everyone says never ride alongside cars and especially 4WDS and trucks but this guy was creeping past me and as we have shared the same road for the last 3-4 kms he must have known I was there, apparently not!!. Well luckily for me me moved across slowly giving me plenty of time to get out of his way but it did open my eyes to the fact that I should never take it for granted the vehicle next to me knows I'm there.
    I don't call this a near miss as it happened slowly but thought it'll be good to post as a warning we really are invisible or some drivers really are blind as bats so never assume they know you're there..

  2. oh he knew you were there, he was just exercising the Right of Way of Vehicles which can kill you. i.e. He'll move or he gets squashed.
  3. I did think that as he was slowly moving into my lane but about half way in he finally spots me as I am now slightly behind him and he quickly swerves back into his lane. He then quickly accelerates then moves into the left.
    I should have added this in my original post.
  4. Thats the problem with echolocation, no good for spotting motorbikes...
  5. Anecdotes like this remind me of why I need to get an air horn. Just can't figure out whether I need a ear-drum bursting 125 db, or a wake-the-dead 140 db.

    Fitzsimons Lane seems to attract retards. A friend of mine had his bike written off while traffic filtering during rush hour on that road. Something about the road and scenery opening up causes people to drop the ball, despite the traffic density and 80 kph speed making circumstances riskier rather than safer.

    Glad you've got your eyes open Oscar!
  6. This part of the story shocked me 8-[
  7. Glad to hear nothing serious happened.

    To be honest, this is one of the "spidey sense" things that sets off alarmbells in my head when I'm riding. Over the years I've found that if one sits alongside a car for long enough, they will usually forget you are there when it comes time to change lanes or exit the road. 'specially if you're not in their mirrors or front field of view.

    One would think that riding alongside them for kilometres would mean that you're a permanent part of their spacial awareness, but it really does seems to be the opposite.

    (Failing that, he could have been a "Might = Right" dick, but I've only ever seen one of those in about 100,000km)
  8. could have been a Pajero, that would explain it
  9. Such an unfortunate vehicle name ... :p
  10. i had a good one a while back...not a 4wd, but comparatively retarded nonetheless.

    i was about to pull out of a residential address in a suburban street and a car was approaching from the left...i waited for her to pass by and we made eye contact as she did...i pulled out onto the road and followed at a respectable distance.
    ok, so she suddenly and quite abruptly pulls over to the left and indicates right.
    'oooh i know your type well, the spontaneous u-turning car tard.
    and so i wait instead of shooting past...besides it was a solid white line so if i did, seven kittens *poof* just like that.
    but no, she stops indicating right and takes of down the road again and i resume riding, again at a safe distance.
    then again she suddenly brakes hard, but this time in the middle of the lane...then the reverse lights come on wtf??... so i just shot left into the nearest driveway ...it was a safety house zone anyway, so if the occupants came out i could always use the 'stranger danger' excuse.
    and i just catch her reversing past down the road in my mirrors...i get of the bike and watch...she shoots past me again and hoofs it down a side street to the right, no indicators this time.
  11. I think she was stalking you...

    ...she just wasn't very at it.
  12. Amazing and if you were unlucky enough to get hit by her she'll probably cry and then start accusing you for poor riding and not getting out of her way.

    I witnessed a bimbo the other day merge into another lane almost sideswiping another car because she was to busy looking at a map and not the road.
    There are dangerous drivers and riders out there so we need to take extra care.
  13. I grew up in Heidelberg, and now live in Wattle Glen with a detailed experience of eltham and that !%!^%! round-about..

    avoid it like the plague... or hammer the hell out of it through that stretch of road, im more worried about just staying out of the damn way of cars.

    Even had a copper sitting there with a radar as i went past 20kms over the limit and he pointed at me and i pointed at the territory just behind me all over the road.. he gave me a wave.. nice lad that one was...

    But seriously.. avoid it.

    Also, thursday night, eltham, is p plate retards night, red light running, swerving speeding stupid mayhem.. avoid it like the plague.. give me hoddle street in peak hour any day of the week over it...

    To the OP Glad your okay.
  14. I had the same thing happen this morning. Riding next to and in front of some small hatchback for a few km on Liverpool road, I see their blinker pop on to merge into my lane and they speed up and merge into me!!! I always pay attention to the cars around me and their behaviour, I just don't know how they could not know I was there. I accelerated out of the situation but I was a little perterbed, you just can't assume.
  15. First, I drive a 4WD as well as ride. While I give motorcyclists all the space I need, sometimes I use the "might is right" approach to get past some idiot, or change lanes when someone continually blocks me, and so on. Someone who doesn't ride may use that approach always.

    Second, they knew you were there, but has dismissed you from their mind as you were not a threat. They only swerved back into their lane because they realised how close they had come to knocking you off your bike, and having to put up with inconvenience that would entail. They would have slowed down and dropped behind you to make their left turn, if they felt they were in the wrong at all.

    Third, it doesn't have to be a 4WD. The worst case I had was with a woman in an Toyota Camry. She was deliberately speeding up and slowing down to get in my way, and deliberately tried to merge into the side of me. She was spooky because she never moved her head a millimetre, staring sttraight ahead the whole time.

    Finally, get the 140db (actually 139db) Compact Nautilus two tone Air horn, like I have. Even that is not enough to wake up some people. Even those that do notice you, once you blast the horn at them, sometimes continue to cut you off. I even had one wave to me as I braked hard to avoid them when they swung into my lane.

    Mind you, sometimes the air horn does a great job and scares the bejesus out of some stupid, ignorant driver. The look on their faces can be priceless! :)
  16. would not work on me -- as I am in the left hand lane 90 % of my travel time in my old ute doing the posted speeds ( well I am the king of slow ) as far as I am concerned - go ahead and hit me -- the evidence will show you ran into me etc - reason why - hey if you wanna go left 200m up the road you can slot in behind me and follow me up until your turn off

    when I had a big triton it was the same approach --- heheh -- soccer mom tried to barge across in her territory then realised next to her was a triton bigger than her car and she shit her self -- swung that wheel might hard back to the right real fast
  17. I only use "might is right" when other drivers make it impossible to negotiate through traffic. You know, the people who insist on sitting on your left no matter how much you slow to get behind them, or speed to get in front, so that you can make a left turn. It sounds like I wouldn't need to use it on you, since I could get around you.

    I find it amazing how many drivers will stick to your rear quarter panel, matching speed changes, but blocking your lane change. Of course, on the bike I just get the hell out of there. :)
  18. Cheers Roderick, the 139db Nautilus seems to be the way to go. Clearly you want to force them to respect your road space just as much as alerting them to your presence. Few people seem to respect the road space of a bloke who wears textiles and rides an innocuous looking 250 with stock exhausts. Maybe what I really need is a leather jacket and a Harley FatBoy optioned with Screaming Eagle pipes. Hmm. :p