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Blessing of the bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by razorcat, May 1, 2013.

  1. A bunch of motorbikes went to church and got blessed. Yep... in the good ole US of A.

    One attendee said:

    "I feel more confident, more safe on the road knowing it's been blessed, and you have the guy above watching over you," Gwen said.

    Blessing of the Bikes

    More than 300 motorcyclists go to church on Sunday

    April 30, 2013

    By PAUL GARRETT , For The Express

    ANTES FORT - Motorcycles filled the parking lot and it was standing-room only inside the Crossroads Community Church this past Sunday morning as bikers from around the area joined the regular parishioners for the seventh annual "Blessing of the Bikes" service.
    More than 300 motorcycles of all makes and models were there with their owners for the congregation's largest service of the year.
    The event was the creation of Crossroads member "Slugger" Bower. He said he had a vision about bikes being out there and having a blessing, so he approached the church's pastor, John Phillips, with the idea.
    Article Photos

    Above, a biker gives the “peace” sign to bystanders as the cycles roar down Route 44 south. At right, Clair Thompson with his riding buddies “Crash and Burn” get ready to head out on Thompson’s vintage Russian-made Ural motorcycle with side car.


    "He thought it would be a great outreach. What better blessing ... have your bike blessed, have yourself blessed and have a great riding season," said Bower.
    The blessing has grown tremendously. The first year saw 65 bikes in attendance, and Sunday, a record 315 bikers showed up at the service.
    "It's not about suits and ties .... this church is about everybody. We're looking for lost souls. We want people who are looking, who are wandering, the ones who need help, the ones who have problems... alcohol, drugs, marriage ... any problem. That's what this church is about," Bower said.
    After his morning sermon, Pastor Phillips, in his eighth year as pastor, invited all bikers to the front of the church and blessed them.
    "We ask Father that you would bless and anoint every single motorcycle that is on this property. We thank you Jesus for protecting these motorcycles and the people that will be on them because they are valuable to you," Phillips prayed.
    One among the group was Clair Thompson of Stroudsburg.
    "My hair on the back of my neck is standing, God has blessed me in so many ways. I've been to hell and back, I'm rescued; he (Jesus) was there all along but I didn't recognize him for a long time," Thompson said.
    A veterinarian, Thompson said he has fought his demons.
    "I'm a survivor, a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, and other things. God rescued me so I do what I can to rescue animals," he said, loading his two passengers "Crash and Burn" into the side car of his vintage Ural motorcycle that was hand made in Russia. His two dogs, one a pit bull, and the other a pit bull- chihuahua mix are both rescued animals who go everywhere with Thompson.
    Tom Allen helped organize the event.
    "It's another way for us to reach out to the community and bring people in who have never heard of Christ ... never been to a church. It gives us an opportunity to bring those people in and a least plant a seed to maybe bring lost souls to Christ," Allen said.
    This was the first bike blessing attended by Martin and Gwen Hanner of Jersey Shore.
    They said the blessing had prepared them to ride the 60- to-80 mile route mapped out by organizers with more confidence. "I feel more confident, more safe on the road knowing it's been blessed, and you have the guy above watching over you," Gwen said.
    Church members Mike and Tammy Englert of Jersey Shore climbed aboard their Harley Davidson Wide Glide for the trip to Lock Haven for food and fellowship in a local park with the rest of the riders.
    "It's good to see all the strangers that come here. It's probably the most non-Christian group that would show up at church on Sunday," Mike said. He said he hopes the event will help a few "find Jesus."
  2. Over to you hornet...:)

    JDK has a Ural and sidecar like the guy mentioned - he doesn't have a pit bull-Chihuahua cross though. Although if he could put one of the goonies in, that would be close enough. :)
  3. it's newsworthy, and since the people involved in the service seem to be Christians anyway, it's a matter for their own faith, isn't it? In my (probably) singular opinion, this has more validity than the many Blessings of the Fleets that happen round the world. I can't see that there is any expectation of something magical or supernatural. I took both myy children to church when they were little and prayed with the congregation for God's care and His blessing on them. I guess I could say since they are still with us and healthy that it worked!
  4. Superstition of a high order that doesn't correlate to baptism in my mind - with the latter, isn't it more a hope that they'll become Christian through choice when they're old enough, rather than a protective 'charm'? Bad things happen to everyone, even kids who've been baptised. I don't think God particularly cares about your motorbike - I mean, surely there won't be Hyos in Heaven?
  5. Each to their own. Personally I'd rather rely on my skills to save me on a motorcycle than a mythical being.
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  6. By all means, if you think throwing some water over your head will get you some kind of leave pass for the after-life, go ahead. But shouldn't your bike be able to make up its own mind? And how do we know there is a bike heaven? And is bike heaven separate to human heaven?
  7. You'll be dead, so I'm not sure why it matters.
  8. Well, if I can't take the VFR to heaven with me, I'm not going!!:D
  9. But if you go to hell don't you get a Ducati?
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  10. Totally agree. I'll be dead. Reduced to smelly soup with a couple of bones thrown in for some flavour. But my bike won't be...so I just want to make sure she's looked after when I go. And a bike heaven sounds like a hell of a lotta fun!
  11. Don't count on it, your bike could well die at the same time as you. In fact there are those who would prefer to die in fiery crash cremating the bike in the process.
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  12. pfft. I sneeze in my helmet before I leave and often get a "Bless You". Doesn't help me get the after effects off my visor.
    Much rather see a charity run than this sort of thing. Not at all news worthy in my opinion.
  13. doG helps those who help themselves ;)

    which I take to mean she believes in roadcraft too :p

    as for the biker blessing ... I try to attend the one here in Brisvegas each year ... for one I catch up with some like-minded peeps I know... and two I get some peaceful feelings from the process. I prefer to go to stuff like that these days than the tittie show / burn out boredomfest things.

  14. Sounds perfectly fine to me. He's essentially saying "I believe in (a certain form of) Christianity and I believe that God watches over me." Plenty of Christians say that in complete awareness that their turn could be next.

    Another person is saying "this is nonsense", which is essentially to say "I don't believe the tenets of Christianity or similar monotheisms" - it's to express nothing more than a credo too, and there's nothing that's intrinsically more clever in it.

    Good on them, it looks like a bit of fun that serves a variety of purposes for them. From my perspective it's rooted in a fine age old paganism that is perfectly laudable. Excuse me while I go pour libations over my rolling temple to the holy Earth, summoning the pulses of its twin pillars, to give witness to the power of air and fire and the round of the four seasons, who all brandish their swords in my soul and wound me with the holiness of the dark, delicious soil where I am planted and on which I am fed. And I will laugh a hearty laugh at the simpletons who think they've explained existence.
  15. the goonies wouldn't be seen dead with the likes of jdk - we steer clear of most political related crap....or just half-wit's in general....you know what they say though, water finds its own level, perhaps you guys should make him a mod...seems fitting. ;)
  16. Part of Human behaviour is attitude: the rider in control of the bag of grease, bones & fluids is your mind. One common theory is that Thoughts influence Emotion, which influences Behaviour, which can have an effect on Thoughts. Round-and-round it goes.

    If by attending a religious ceremony they have a happier, safer feeling then there is a chance that they will ride in a safer more cautious way. A sort of “virtual placebo” or as I heard something similar described a “nocebo” effect.

    If someone rides safer due to belief in defensive road craft or belief in religion they both achieve similar ends. Or maybe that’s just my irrational thoughts not being controlled by the psychotropic drugs prescribed by my therapist.

    I have been meaning to ask my Catholic Missus if there is a Patron Saint for Motorcyclists. Saint Agostini?