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bleeding rear brake (fzx250 zeal)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cOS, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. I replaced my front brake without and issues today. but had problems doing the rear.

    can pushing the piston back in with a c-clamp and without releasing the nipple cause any damage?

    I am not getting any pressure when pumping the rear brake pedal. I did it numerous amount of times without any luck. any ideas?
  2. Undo the reservoir cap and push the piston back in with your fingers or something flat that wont damage the piston. Dont have to undo the nipple.
    If u dont have pressure already it wont really make a difference.

    Some tips for bleeding.
    I like to use a syringe and suck the fluid through untill you get some pressure. Put the caliper below the level of the master cylinder will also help.
    Patients is the key to a good bleed, and repetition.
  3. opps I meant the reservoir cap. when I was pushing the piston back in I didn't have the cap open. fuild started squirting everywhere on another outlet. hence, I thought I my have damaged something. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow when I try again.
  4. That does sound like you've blown a seal.
  5. well, u must push the piston pretty damn hard to break a seal. normally the reservoir will just fill up and might leak out the reservoir seal.
    Hope this is what happened.

    Check all joints, and start again.
  6. thanks for the advice guys. I sorted out the problem today. it was just the simple reservior cap that I did not open! how silly. but all working good now.

    i noticed that the piston is quite dirty. do you guys lubricate the outer walls of the piston?
  7. Give the piston a clean with brake fluid, then polish them. When putting the piston back you can either just coat the seals with a bit of fluid, or use some good caliper sealant.