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Bleeding Brake Woes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn v1.1, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    I am in the process of bleeding the front brakes on an 98 xt225, I managed to pump the old fluid out good and dandy, the problem is now hardly any fluid comes out and all, I am using one of those one man brake bleed kits, the problem is when I have the brake applied fully, and I open the bleed nipple, usually very, very little comes out or non at all, this even after 60+ pumps of the brake, I tried using a large plastic syringe to suck the fluid out, but I am getting mixed results, it either pulls it out, or it sometimes accidentally pushes air back in, I must be doing some thing wrong or some thing is broke, it's getting a bit frustrating now, any pointers?.


  2. When you say using a kit, do you mean a vacuum kit?
    Its ok to take a while for it to come out as some calipers have large cylinders and take a bit to prime through, but a vacuum kit *usually* makes that easy (read: easier!).
    How many repetitions have you done opening and closing the bleed nipple, and have you always made sure to keep pressure on the brake lever while opening, then close the nipple, THEN release?
    Lots of people take air back in and close it after they release the lever. Simple mistake not usually repeated ;).

    edit: I bled my front brakes and it took me quite a while to do, without a vacuum kit. Lots and lots of repetitions of the nipple to ensure no air got back in and that i had all the bubbles out. Thats why i spent about $40 on ebay for a bleeder kit :D.
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  3. Use the large plastic syringe to push the fluid IN to the caliper & up to the M/C. This pushes the air up & out, rather than down & out the hard way, through the calipers.

    Then it's usually a quick bleed & you're good to go. I presume you don't have a bleed nipple on the M/C, I'll never go back to a M/C without one!
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  4. It's one of those bleeder kits with a small plastic bottle and clear tubing, I had some better success last night, clamped a vice clamp to the brake lever, opened the bleed nipple and let it sit over night, it seems to work a bit, also keeping the fluid collection reservoir higher then the caliper helped a lot getting the air out, its still very slow, but it moves a bit quicker this way, no bubbles are visible in the fluid as it comes out, but the brake is soft, so I am sure there is air trapped some where, I read about the reverse bleed method, ill be leaving that as a plan B option.

  5. Yep, I pump the brake up a few times, keep pressure on the brake, and release the bleeder nipple, close the nipple and release pressure, I wanted to get one of those vacuum bleeders, but it cost $70, which I cant justify spending, though it would be really helpful.
  6. another thread.
    im gunna type somethin ip properly soon when i get
    a chance - quik tip.

    no pressure on lever
    open bleeder
    pressure flyid through
    close bleeder
    slowly and evenely and smoothly slowly let lever return
    a hose on bleeder in a jar will help.

    this pump pressure stuff isnt any help just compesses air
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  7. Ok, I managed after a while to get the air out, brake is working excellently again, thanks all!.