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Blatant self-interest

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Here's a link which is only interesting for one reason; if you scroll half way down through the article, you'll find a pic of a BLUE HORNET!!!
    (Mind you, the 1966 Ariel Leader is a bit of an eye-opener, eh?)

  2. AND there's a link right down at the bottom of the page to CHICKEN STRIPS!!!!!
  3. I must be missing something my tyres don't have Chicken Strips :butt: :butt: :butt:
  4. I appologise for the age thing chaps, or for what ever other reason that it is, I have missed the point.

    But what the hell are "Chicken Strips?"
  5. Their the thin line on the outside of your tyres from hitting the twisties . I'll show ya tomorrow morning at coffee.
  6. Or in my case they're wide unused bits on the sides of my tyres that are bald in the thin strip in the middle!

    BUT more importantly did you see the pic of the Yamaha XJ 600 my project bike that I will one day have the money to finish & even further away than that have the guts & skill to actually ride!
  7. Just had a look at it , nice choice of bike :D .
  8. Looking at the pictures in the said article do you think we might be able to entice the gentleman in the third photo down to become a member of O.F.A.R.C. :D

    And another thing, either the time shown on top of the posts is wrong,or you guys need sleep therapy
  9. We need some sort of therapy , but sleep therapy will do for now :LOL: .
  10. Have noticed the same thing for a while now, and put it down to the fact that the site clock is still set for daylight saving at 11+ hours GMT.
  11. Yeah, E, that's the 1961 Ariel?? Didn't the Poms do some funny things with bikes?
    Vic told me the system clock for the forum has to be set for GMT+10 hours ON MY COMPUTER for the timing of the posts to be right, is this what you are talking about?
  12. The Poms have introduced some of the greatest innovations in motorcycling. Unfortunately, they rarely had the money to develop them properly nor the expertise to market them properly. Hence many of thse advances withered and died.

    Sad really.
  13. The times on my post's are correct . I dont sleep much :roll: .
  14. this bit sounds farmiliar