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blanking out number plates when posting pics?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh909, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. i may be missing something really obvious but why do people blank out the numberplates when posting pics of their bikes/cars/trailers?

    i can undertand the reasoning if you're doing a rolling stoppie down the length of george street, but if you're obeying the law, how come?

  2. I suspect it is to avoid the fact that dishonest people hack into RTA and associated databases and can therefore identify where the machine is, making theft easier?
  3. There's people out there who can access all of you details from a numberplate & not just police either, anyone at Vicroads/RTA could look up your address and give the details to a friend who then comes around and picks up your bike whilst your out.

    I don't know if that is the reason for everybody but i think thats the reason most people do it.
  4. Damm you beat me............

    Are you never not here posting hornet??
  5. Ive often thought that myself and i beleave i'm on the same line of thought as you. Fair enough , if your doing something illegal.
    But, everyone gets to see your # plate as you ride/drive around on public roads, so if they take a liking to your vehicle, they simply jot the plate down to gain the details anyway.
    It cracked me up with this English dude online, has a great website, posts heeps of images of his bike and smudges all the images with the # plate showing, but go d/load one of his video files on offer and his plate shows up plain as day,,,,,,,,,,,, GO FIGURE!

    Cheers ratty
  6. If you're that paranoid about your bike/car/trailer being stolen, just drive/ride around with fake plates, and make sure that the fake plates are showing in your photos, too.

    Problem solvered. :D
  7. its all a waste of time really, i mean when someone advertises in the paper etc you have to, by law, provide the numberplate, so you could look in the trading post, organise by most expensive, get 5 addresses from the numberplates like that
  8. Funny I seem to recall reading this thread in aus.cars :) :p
  9. Actually, Michael, you beat ME, and I agreed with you!!!

    As far as posting, well, when I'm not working or riding, I'm on the forum. I don't drink, don't go out to parties, can't stand TV, I'm hopless at computer games (except DOOM, where I RULE!!), so this is my recreation. So the short answer to your question is no! :D