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Blanket apology

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by sonja, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. I want to apologise to you all.

    I'm not having a great time. A couple who're good friends have split because she cheated on him. He's a mess, and she's not talking to me at all. Both of these things hurt like hell, even though it's nothing much to do with me. I'm looking at losing them both, because he's dying to get to Thailand and escape everything.

    There's been a lot of other frustrations (work mostly) grating on my nerves, and I'm not in a particularly laid-back industry.

    The bike is also giving me the royal Sh!ts, and I can't wait to get a new one.

    I'm sorry for my posts today. I should have kept my mouth shut.
  2. It's hardly the fault of the blanket
  3. Don't need to apologise it's good when people are having bad days and being assholes because it makes things more interesting on the forums. :LOL:
  4. exactly... but i have to say i didnt notice any change.
  5. Yeah, I hadn't noticed either, Sonja is a fairly moderate sort of a person anyway!
    Too bad about your friends, I hate it when that happens, at least they aren't both at you, trying to make you take a side.....tell your friend teh answer is not in Thailand, he just has to sort himself out when he is ready.
    As for your bike, mechanical things do that from time to time. When I move to Canberra, I may consider doing private bike work for people, so maybe you can save some money there! It's a Kawasaki right?

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. /em Slaps Sonja up the side of the head...
    now say somthing good and all will be forgiven :grin:
  7. BIIIIIIIIIIG HUG... :cry: poor girl its ok, life sucks for a short time... it generaly rights itself. This is definatley a karma credit moment. Dont worry about posting harsh or crabby arse comments most people have a rhino skin anyway when it comes to this forum...
  8. ...I thought Es was havin a tongue in cheek go at Sonja... that Es hadn't noticed any change in her postings yesterday...

    ... I could be wrong...

  9. oh baby oh baby, I like it when you stir me up like that ;)
  10. Yes, mister FALCON-LORD, I'll be good. :p

    Ward: I'm working on my own. Obviously not succeeding too well so far. I'll get there. :)

    typhoon: I am??
    I know Brad will sort himself out. It might take a while, though. This is time #4 that he's been cheated on (in a row). Last time, he wound up in hospital.
    And yeah, the GPX is a Kwaka. I changed the oil in her today (and the filter).