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Blank Tools

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kingy, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hay guys

    this might be a weird Question and i have been everywhere today to try and find something but here it goes...

    i am getting married in sept this yr.. as a pressent for my grooms men i thought a nice SPANNER or something like that engraved with there name and the date of my wedding... its something that i have never seen before and seeing that all my groomsmen are in the automotive trade it just works...

    i have been everywhere to find a spanner with no brand marked on it.. i would like it to be chrome ... i dont really care if one side is maked i can just engrave the other side....

    anyone have idea on where i can start looking.. i work in the spare parts industry and have tried all autobahrns supercheap repco bursons peps trade tools blackwoods..

  2. Hi Kingy,

    As a suggestion, it would probably be easier to go to a local engineering shop and get them to make them for you. They should be able to organise for them to be chromed also.

  3. thats true .. i might look down that path.. i have a while but i just thought of that idea and i think it would be pretty cool
  4. You could get spanners that the lettering/logos etc were raised from the surface rather than engraved, get them machined down, then engraved...
  5. i just tried this on a shit house no named brand i had a home.. it seems to turn the chrome black...
  6. ok i just found out that you cant engrave spanners etc as the metal is 2 strong... they wont do it as it stuffs there engraving needles... so thanks for your help guys.. mods can delete
  7. i'd go for the local engineering shop to make them for you :) just in the same shape, doesn't have to work!
  8. will contact them now.. cheers jd
  9. Laser engraving will do it.
  10. Great idea Kingy, very original and something I'd think was very cool as a gift (y)
    And given that the occasion is matrimonial, might I suggest the following item from their website?