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Blame the biker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TarmacSamurai, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. I saw a sign today that said, "Check your blind spot to help a motorcyclist ride to live". Is it me or is that a bit like victim blaming? If you don't check and hit a motorcyclist, it's hardly their fault for not riding to live! I'd rather the sign said, "Check your blind spot so you don't kill a motorcyclist!" What do you think?

  2. I think any sign doesn't mean shit if the dozzy cagers don't read it...better to always look out for oneself, not rely on others
  3. True enough - I always ride with the mindset that everyone else on the road is out to kill me. :)
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  4. They're just trying to tie it to their 'Ride to live' advertising campaign (as though drivers will be familiar with it).
    Just marketing thinking.
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  5. Yeah, I realise that and it's a good campaign when directed at riders. It makes sense in that context. Maybe it's just me, but I find it kinda offensive in this context.
  6. Tend to agree with you, It does defeat the purpose using that slogan for car drivers.
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  7. The way I see it is they've tried to take on board the condemnation of the 68 ad about ignoring the car drivers responsibility. So they've come up with the ride to live slogan but tried to adapt it a little for cars to escape our wrath. It doesn't fit the slogan well. It's a token effort but I'm not going to complain, they are listening.

    This ad is not to make drivers look but about appeasing riders.
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  8. "Check your blind spot and help a motorcyclist to arrive alive".
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  9. JeffcoJeffco seems you missed your calling in life. Ha ha. But I like your slogan better
    In my very very limited experience as a learner biker I have found that my telling friends that I now ride has suddenly made them more aware of motorcyclists.
    I have noticed a lot of messages for bikers lately like check your lane position etc.
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  10. Thanks maybe I should trademark it :wacky: & your right about the awareness it definitely goes up amongst family and friends.
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  11. I think maybe the more awareness campaigns the better, even if they are not what they should be? In line with the research that suggests that the more of a particular vehicle there are on the road the more people think to look out for them. The more cagers are reminded "hey there are motorcycles on the road" slowly, incrementally they may become more aware. One can only hope, in the mean time continue to maintain as much situational awareness as possible to keep ourselves safe.
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  12. I started riding in the 80s. Believe me, awareness is WAY higher. But we still have a long way to go. That's why this stuff bothers me. Don't blame the biker for car drivers not paying attention.
  13. Agree TarmacSamurai, put the responsibility where it belongs.
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  14. The one on the bus irked me, saying check your blind spot for bikes, with a bike in the mirror of a car. Since when are mirrors blind spots.

    Though its nothing compared to a tac ad, so maybe we are spoilt
  15. mirrors have been blind spots since cars/SUV's/mobile phones were invented :D
  16. Same. TV ads, the big info signs over the main roads, bus ads etc.

    Figured it's just the usual token reaction.

    That said, anything is better than nothing.
  17. I saw a TV ad about the driver not doing the head check and only checking his mirrors. Even though the rider was clearly visible in the mirrors (to me at least) it asked whether the "viewer" would of seen the rider.
    I think the ad you mentioned was most likely linked to that one; as in to say "do your head checks"

    In regards to the OP;
    imHo as much as I agree with people taking responsibility for their own actions I don't believe in "self-victimization" and I don't think the line sounds that bad.

    Clearly these ads are more apparent lately along with their (http://ridetolive.nsw.gov.au/#!/) ride to live campaign which was mentioned in an earlier thread.

    Take from it what you will, at least something is being done and I'm sure they mean well. It's clear quite a bit of money has gone into these campaigns and if it helps save lives, I'm all for it.