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Blaise removes the training wheels

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Blaise, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Disclaimer: I know there are no pics atm, I'm sitting on my g/friend's laptop. I'll rectify this as soon as possible.

    Well, after 4 months of searching and next to no bites on my GS500F ad, I found a very tidy Triumph Daytona first registered 21/Dec 2009 at a lower north shore dealer. Not only was it the right price, I also recieved a very generous trade-in that clinched the deal for me. So, after a test ride and a short think, I placed a $500 deposit on her on last Tuesday and yesterday, I picked her up.

    The bike is a late '07 model with 18k on the clock and I'm the second owner. Painted in Triumph's "scorched yellow" colours with near new tires (Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa III), more carbon fibre than you could poke a stick at and a Remus exhaust; who am I to complain?

    First impressions? Compaing it to the GS500F is quite unfair as the bikes serve different purposes BUT power/torque is the first thing that comes to mind. It pulls very well no matter what gear I am in which is a bonus for commuting tasks. Ride position is very different but I haven't noticed what reviewers complain about with the Daytona - many write that they feel like they are always "reaching" or lament on the extreme "race position". I haven't really noticed it but so far, my longest ride has been about 1.5 hours. Nor have I had cause to complain about sore wrists from the rider position.

    What I have noticed is that the digital speedo (located at the bottom of the tacho) is a little hard to read and I've noticed that this has been addressed in newer models. Now I don't carry any fat to speak of and I found the seat a little tough on my arse. (I'll be ordering the gel seat which hopefully calms this down soon.) The only other noticable area is the heat radiating from the fairing towards my left knee. Nothing too uncomfortable but noticable enough though a pair of Draggin's in yesterday's heat wave.

    Well, there's little else I can say at this point until I get more miles under my belt on her but so-far, its been an enjoyable experience. Point her into a corner and she does exactly what has been asked; brakes and suspension light-years ahead of the GS500F. Might take a blat up McCarrs Creek Rd when I get home tonight (weather permitting).

    Cheer's, Blaise
  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Congratulations! :D

    AWESOME bike :D Was that at Hornsby Procycles? most of them are great. always loved their service... apart from the last time, but anyways.

    Can't wait to see pics :D

    Well done on a bloody good choice of bike!!
  3. Nice work will we be seeing this beast this sat
  4. piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics :tantrum:
  5. bye bye licence :D
  6. Not from Procycles (although it originally was purchased from Procycles St Peters), it was at Northside Motorcycles.

    Some pictures (courtesy of the ad from MCSales):


    Goz... time and place - stick to that and (hopefully) the license stays in the wallet.
  7. good 1 mate, now you can test it out on the 19th for our mini iron butt ride
  8. oh awesome :) i used to work there. good bunch of guys!

    hope their service was good?
  9. Very nice.
    Well done Blaise.
  10. Thanks for the complements guys, looking forward to taking her on a group ride soon (albeit once I get a gel seat for my bony arse).
  11. Nice bike!!
    Didn't know what to expect when you said yellow.
    Good to see you got the bike you wanted in the end. (y)
  12. Thanks Ben... happy as a pig in sh*t.