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BlackSpur Roadhouse

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bamm-Bamm, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Well I just woke up at the normal time of 6:30 and thought I would do a lap of the spurs...nice an early so very few people about. I also decided to stop in at the BlackSpur Roadhouse and pay a visit to Raphael(Ray) after hearing that he was the new owner of the place and was looking forward to meeting some more members.

    I called in for a coffee(got a free cappucino being the first netrider to drop in :grin: ) and had a really good chat with Ray about bikes(he rides a GSXR-1100 and ZX-9), life in general and how he was finding his new business. He showed me around the place and I checked out the Helmets, Leathers, bike models and assorted motorcycling memorobilia he has hanging around the place. He is organising a better internet connection at the moment and will have a website up as soon as it sorted...but in the meantime pop in for a chat, a laugh and a coffee it's the servo/log cabin just after the Black Spur on the way out to Marysville

  2. All sounds good, you should have headed down to gippy today...
  3. Sounds like a great concept. How was the coffee, Keith?
  4. I called in here a few days after Raphael had taken possesion of the place - so promptly gave him a NetRider card & have hence seen him join our wee force online :)

    One of the things I mentioned was the need for GOOD coffee if he wanted Netrider type folk to stop buy :wink:
    I haven't had a chance to go back & check up on that as yet - so would also be interested to hear a coffee review!

    Did enjoy checking out the signed photos of Mick Doohan on the walls tho'
  5. The coffee was pretty good...although i don't ride a Ducati so i'm no expert :p

    The bike memorobilia he has there is awesome...and Ray's always up for a chat...and to let you know when the blitz is on up there :wink:
  6. He's got pocket bikes hanging up all over the place. One on top of a pole next to his petrol
    bowsers. You'll need a cherry picker to reach it tho. :LOL:

    <only joking Ray. You met me & the boys last w/end (you brought our meal out to ya benches)
    & you had a good look at the ZX9> :wink:
  7. Hexcellent...I understand. :p
  8. I'm confused. Where is the Black Spur Roadhouse? I know the one on the Reefton Spur but cannot bring to mind where there's one on the Black, no matter how many times I run that bit of road through my mind.
  9. I've got a sneaking suspicion that its on the left, just before the Black Spur as you head from Narbethong into Healesville. From memory, there was a fairly in conspicuous (Shell?) servo there.
    As opposed to the pub on the left, a little closer to Narbethong. It had re-opened and I had a drink there late last or early this year.
  10. Ahhh I think I know the one now. On the Marysville end of the spur, between the spur and the Marysville turnoff?
  11. That's what I'm thinking.
  12. On the ball there G - it is part of the shell servo

    May need to do an afternoon spin to show you exactly where ........ :grin:
  13. :cool: You're on.
  14. Thank you for the kind words.

    I am still working out the Netrider Web Sight out and just saw the notes that were let. Thanks Guys. The coffee is only basic at the moment but plan to put a proper machine in asap.
    Any suggestions on a Brand of Coffee?
    Enjoying the challange of rebuilding a run down business and have already met and ridden with a lot of top people, Net riders and others.
    Thanks again. Ray :cool:
  15. I did a ride up to Lake Mountain today (beautiful and fun. I have smaller chicken strips now :grin: ) and stopped by Ray's place for a couple of coffees a long chat. Sorry Ray, I kept you away from your work!

    The coffee is instant at the moment, but it is still good, as is the conversation. Hmmm, G may better be able to recommend a brand of coffee to select, after all I've only had a Ducati for three months. My coffee tasting skills are still being refined. However, a coffee machine with Cappuccino, Latte, long and short blacks is probably the go. :idea:

    So drop in to the log cabin with the petrol pumps out front and say hello. I'm sure you'll be welcome. Thanks for the conversation Ray. :)

    PS: The Lake Mountain road has a lot of litter (bark, leaves and sticks) on it at the moment, and a little gravel, but is still a good run.
  16. The pocket Bike comes in at night so I am pretty safe. :grin:
    I was checking out the ZX9 to see what spares I may need HEH HEH. Black Bettys advice of GOOD coffee was taken on board.
    We have already got 'GOOD" coffee,
    Now all we need is "EXELLENT" coffee!
    All recommendations greatfully received and concidered.
    Wednesday arvo is my Riding time.
    If anyone is going to be around Just drop me a PM. Cheers ray
  17. Oooo that is a tough call.
    Personally, I have been partial to Jaspers in the past and more recently McIvers.
    Ever since my ventures to the Mogo coffee palace, I have been digging on affogato.
    In terms of Hot Chocolate I have enjoyed the Italian Style of Frau in the shot form.
  18. That was you?! I was coming down.
  19. Well, it may have been me, but if it was I would have waived and stopped for a chat if possible. :grin:

    There was at least one other red Multistrada on the spur yesterday. One stopped outside Ray's place while I was there, until his mate, which I didn't see properly burbled up, and off they went. Ray thought it was a second red Multistrada. Sounded like it.

    So if a red multistrada ignored you, it wasn't me. :) Of course, your bike is harder to recognise at speed from the front than mine is, but I checked out every bike, and one slow echidna on the way down from Marysville. :cool:
  20. nah, it was you! you wouldn't have had a chance to stop, I was coming down a little quick ;)