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blackdog ride 2012

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nobrakes, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. going on the blackdog ride
    leaving calder 18 aug. finish alice
    should be fun
    for more info google "blackdog ride 2012"

  2. sorry wrong subject as it is for a cause that needs support google it and be informed. after my accident in 2007 i could have been a victim of depression if it had not been for the support of family and friends so this is a serious matter not a myth.
  3. I wasn't saying to was a myth; I was merely pointing out that you had posted a thread on a subject which has an existing thread, and that you had not searched first to find out that that was the case......
  4. I think hornet meant to say this one:

    However, that was a one-day ride.

    The ride that nobrakes is referring to is this one:

    "The ride to the red centre" goes for quite a lot longer than the one that happened earlier this year.

    Since they're completely different events, the second one does actually deserve to have its own thread, in my opinion. I hope that this clears up any misunderstanding on the matter.
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  5. My bike is currently in the shop getting a full service, safety check and new hard tire on the rear. Pick her up tomorrow.

    5000k's in one week, on my L's, along with my partner who is only 800kms experienced on two wheels.

    It's a great cause, it has effected my life greatly and I'm really looking forward to being a part of it.

    I will see you at calder on the 18th, @nobrakes
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  6. The ride is not only to Alice Springs but is also open to people to join for either one day or an overnighter along the route.

    However I thought that entries had now closed. So definitely people will need to refer to the site for details
  7. Well done Gord ! If held next year I will definatley be there, for the full distance of the red center ride ... other influences have prevented me coming on this one .... Have an awsome ride and take care !
  8. I'll hopefully be in Tasmania for the AMC annual conference - but maybe next year. Hope it all goes well Al.
  9. Correct it's the one to Alice Springs
  10. Looking Forward to meeting some new riders, that's the great thing about these type of rides as one spends time together and not just a day at a time.
  11. Registration is closed now, check the web site anyhow as it's good reading.
  12. One can come for a day or weekend ride as you can register on the day
    Look like over 200 have registered to do the complete ride to Alice Springs, wonder how many are coming from Melbourne?
    Should be a good sight going north from Port Augusta as most will gather there to head north.
  13. mid 80's coming from melbourne
  14. Home safe after 7213ks was one of the best rides I have been on in 40 years of riding, hope more of you come next year as made new friends of all age groups & powerd two wheelers.
    Come to friday night coffee to hear all about it.
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