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Blackbox app recommendations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by mendosi, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. So I have my bike set up with a phone mount so that I can use the GPS on my phone during trips ( without touching, of course). ImageUploadedByTapatalk1363554367.106195.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for crash recording apps for either iOS or Android with good features for motorcyclists?

  2. Dailyroads voyager works well and rewrites over old data once allocated space is filled, as usual eats batteries otherwise with charging socket no issues.
  3. What variables are you specifically trying to record? if your looking for g forces there are plenty of g meter aps that will record for you, but i cant imagine seeing, ohh look i got 4.5 g on the x axis when i went down today while your sitting at home will be much benefit.

    There is a pirelli app that is specific to bikes,called diablo super biker, it records your speed, lean angle (not that reliable) and plots a path of your ride that im pretty sure you can extract into a kml file or something of the sort.

    Can i ask why you want this though? a real black box would require many many sensors all over the bike to give you a good picture of what happened, im thinking braking forces, suspension positions and so on, that is obviously above the capacity of a phone app.

    There is an app called Cradar (crash radar) that is designed to notice if your bike feels significant g or leave the road, it then give you 10 mins to tell the app your ok (ish) if no input is detected from the user, it can send your position via email and text to loved ones or the authorities. Not sure how accurate it is however, but maybe thats something you would want, for me, coming off in the middle of no where going down an embankment, being incapacitated and left to starve to death is probably the worst possible outcome of riding. But what can you do, i always carry a lighter in my pocket when solo touring in the sense that even with a broken leg i could reach it and use it to start a fire and get some smoke signals going, not sure how effective that would be but a plume of smoke coming from the side of the road would get someone to call the RFS.
  4. I just got an app called Harry's lap timer, it's more track orientated but it will do what your after. You can do video overlays straight off your phones camera and also log the data to a file. I'm pretty sure it can be set to have a max file size and loop over itself.
  5. Here's a grab from a video I made on the train just now lol! That's how easy it is.
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  6. IIRC, there's a promo video along these lines on YouTube. Try a search for "Black Box - Ride On Time".

  7. Basically what I envisage is a camera that is constantly recording (I fitted a USB socket to my bike) and monitoring GPS and G-sensors. If it detects that a 'crash' has occurred, then it will automatically save a video of the time leading up to and following the event. And if nothing happens, then it will discard video more than x minutes old.
    That way in the, unlikely, event of an accident there will be video for the police/insurance showing what happened.

    I thought of it mainly since seeing all the compilations on YouTube of crazy Russian drivers. Fortunately things are not as bad here, but if I have all the stuff then I might as well use it.
  8. just get a contour, helmet mount, format after every non eventful ride?
  9. I also looked into making a black box. There are so many incidents where liability goes to he-said vs she-said. And if the rider has concussion you usually can't remember so everything hinges on the cager's story. Bugger that. Also I'm a nerd and always looking for an excuse to play with gadgets :)

    Anyway, I found these RideCam units and imported a batch to try out. It's a 2 channel DVR which mounts under the seat with front and rear cameras. Powered by the bike, it continues to record for 3 seconds after power is cut.

    One feature I would add to a black box is hit'n'run detection while the bike is parked. Perhaps a standby mode where it takes still photos if it detects an impact.
  10. I know of a UTS engineering student who has set up several cameras, facing behind, forward and off to the sides that record into a central box in the bike which i guess he can either upload or clear. Apparently the cameras are so small they cant be seen.

    @toadcat knows more about this than me, either way i think you would need an electrical engineering degree of some sort to set it up.
  11. He had a small camera somewhere under the license plate and another inside the headlight

    There was also talk of him setting it up with a shock sensor/gyro so that if it went over while the engine was off the cameras would turn on and hopefully see the culprit.

    EXCEPT I can't remember the guys name or what bike it was :| I'll ask next week when we go on a Nasho run and hopefully find a video showing the rear camera set up