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Blackbirds - why don't they hold their value?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Anybody have any idea why there's so many cheap Blackbirds about? For 7 or 8 grand, it seems, you can realistically hope to pick up a 5-7 year old blackbird in great nick.

    VFRs seem to hold their value much better, sitting around 11-12k.

    They're both worth roughly the same new, both have bulletproof engines that aren't even fully run in until 50-60,000k, and they're both ball-tearing bikes, so why do the CBR1100XXs depreciate so badly?
  2. The basic law of economics ... supply and demand. There just isn't the demand for blackbirds out there. A very limited market, and primarily the market that is interested in them wants them new.
  3. *rubbing hands together*

  4. midnight has one do i need to say more
  5. Very interesting...

    I was in the market for a late nineties ZZR1100 but the Blackbird may be a better option. Did the earlier models come with the 'linked' braking system? I can't remember.
  6. have a look at it tho, the VFR is not in direct competition with the big guns of super sports tourers, the ZX12 and busa. it really has NO hope against these two and yet thats where its market is aimed at. the VFR is aimed at more conservative riders that want something that'll commute well aswell and take a decent corner instead of just doing 300kph without breaking a sweat.

    i'd say the VFR is closer to my 600 thundercat or the triumph tt600 or the CBR600F etc. more of an all round bike than a big straight line speed machine, i'd take a vfr any day over a blackbird, the big super sports tourers just dont work for me :?
  7. I guess you gotta weigh up what you want it for...

    I'm in the happy process of doing that now. Ooh, specs. So many tasty specs.

    The Blackbird seems like a good choice for 200+ kilos of rider and luggage over long distances, but it looks a bit unwieldly. The VFR seems like more fun in corners and better for lane splitting.
  8. You're going the Blackbird Marty?
  9. i'll pay that, money talks eh :LOL:

    like a new GSXR1000 compared to a new R1, 3-4k difference when my mate was looking into it :shock: i dont get it, i dont know a single rider that could possibly use any difference between them and yet ppls flock to the R1 like flies to shit :?
  10. why have a blckbird when you can buy a busa.. lol... (j/k)

    seriously, i rode a blackbird and it was really nice...they are a bargin to buy on cheap and in good nik.
  11. bobby owns one :)
  12. I think that all models of the BB have the linked brakes. It was a standard feature on CBR1000s from about 1993 onwards.

    Hopefully, it's improved on the BB. On my 1995 CBR, it's a prick of a system. If I could disable it, I would.

    Anyway, this sounds promising. I wouldn't mind getting a BB. Thing is, I'd probably have to give my CBR away......
  13. :shock: forgot about that :shock:


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. do you recon they could sue for loss of earnings :LOL:
  15. :LOL: :LOL: looks like iwantabiggerbike is making his own coffees from now on :p :wink:
  16. hahahhahahha laugh it up fellas. Blackbirds are a ripper of a buy especially when you add the 4-6mm ride height spacer for the twisties. What's that you say?

    In short, a ride height spacer is a shim that is sandwiched in between the frame cross member and the top of your rear shock mount . The size of the shim (or spacer) you decide to fit is entirely up to you. I recommend 4mm or 6mm, these have the best feel. Perform to manufacture ride height spacers as do various other specialist places for one of these (some are even plastic?!!). All you need to do is have a wander down to your local hardware store and buy some washers to stack on top of each other to get the desired shim height! This has become a common trend amongst Blackbird owners and really gives you a choice and an opportunity to play around to give you the best setting! Simply stack your washers on the shock mounting bracket to get the desired shim height! But what size washers do you need??
    Middle diameter: at least 12mm

    Outer diameter: at least 28mm

    You have the washer sizes, now go out to your local hardware store and get a handful of washers

    ……………. and SAVE MONEY!!!
  17. come on bobby it was easy pickings , you have to seen the funny side of it , i did :wink: :LOL: