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Blackbird replaces a Bandit?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, May 15, 2014.

  1. This is another 'just for the halibut' thread: no immediate buying plans but it's fun to talk bikes. Still need to buy one for the Mrs before I upgrade, and pay off some debts before that.

    A mate is looking at CBR1100-XX (Super) Blackbirds for his next bike. In having a look on Bikesales and elsewhere on his behalf, I realised there are 2006 models with low km for 7 grand or less.

    My Bandit is a 1999 and is over 100,000 km. Still going well, and will do me for a while, but given that new job responsibilities mean I spend a bit more time on the freeway, the extra fairing on the 'Bird would be welcome. And a Honda 7 years and 60-70,000 km younger is likely to keep on ticking for longer.

    Any particular caveats, suggestions or opinions?
  2. Hondas always seem cheap on the secondhand market. When you buy one, you find out there's a reason for that. Don't do it.
  3. I thought this sounded familiar! :ROFLMAO:

    'Busas are still great value, the blackbird would be more of sleeper... Like the VFR, you can shim the rear shock & tidy up the handling a bit, not much more needed from what I've heard.
  4. OK, it's partly based on personal prejudice but that, in turn is based on painful personal experience. Honda's love of complication for its own sake, coupled with their predatory pricing on spares and their lack of commonality of parts have stretched my own meagre resources in tha past, and those of several mates when trying to keep older ones running, which had seemed like a bargain before we handed over the cash. Honda's vaunted spares availability hasn't proved all it was cracked up to be either, with waiting times measured in months, which is no use when the bike is your sole means of transport.

    Admittedly, that was a long time ago and in another country, so maybe things have changed, although recent experience of a mate in the UK suggests, perhaps, not as much as may be desired.

    I'd stick with Suzuki if I wanted Japanese. Yamahas appear to be made from cheese and Kwak spares prices appear even stupider than Honda's.

    But then, I'm fairly set my ways as far as big, practical bikes are concerned, reckoning that, counter-intuitively but backed up by personal experience, and, again, that of others, older BMWs, particularly ex-cop Ks, are about the cheapest and easiest litre+ bikes to run that you'll find. Admittedly, even the 16v Brick doesn't have the muscle of the big Japs and I can't speak for the more potent transverse K on the running cost front yet, not having had one.
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  5. Thanks, that's making sense to me.
  6. There's a bunch of very tasty ex-cop Beemers around the traps...
  7. For really only 1-2k more than the Blackbirds and Busas.
  8. Hi Bravus two months back I purchased a second hand 2005 CBR1100XX Blackbird and its a great all round sports tourer, your mate wont regret it. I'm still getting use to it having moved up from my old ZZR600 mainly when it comes to cornering but that will come. The fairing certainly keeps you shielded but perhaps not as much as the more dedicated touring bikes like BMW K etc mainly when it comes to the front wind sheild. As one of the previous posts suggested to get them cornering better a lot of owners replace the rear shock or shim the standard shock of which I have done neither. Its a smooth engine and great breaking with a good pillion seat should that be on the wish list. A few owners state the engine heat rising over the rider feels hotter than some bikes but I think this is more when stationary or moving slowly on hotter days, minor issue for me. Many blackbird owners are well well up over 100,000klms with no issues you just need to look for a well serviced and cared for bike. There is also a cbr1100xx forum website overseas that you could gain lots of info from. Good luck to your mate whatever he decides.
  9. 100,000 kms doesn't impress me. It's four years commuting. If you can show a significant number hitting 400,000, though, I'll take notice.
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  10. Apparently there was a courier in England with a vfr800 up near the million mile mark. Honda bought the bike back off him and tested the engine - 11hp down from stock.
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  11. If you want to hear some first hand experience of owning ex plod BMWs, a mate of mine has just bought his 2nd in 6 months. I can put you in touch.
  12. Hmm, second in 6 months doesn't sound great, unless it was an upgrade. Yes, please hook me up by PM.
  13. Get on the 'bird forums and see what long-term ownership experiences have been. Sure, there's a degree of bias but sooner or later most forums get real and problem areas become apparent. That's the case for the CB1300 forum I subscribe to. My Honda has been tough, reliable and cheap to run. 72,000km valve check today and they are all still in spec. I like bikes that work.
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  14. Any Bird after 2002 is reliable, CCT at 35000 Kays, $70-00 and two bolts,

    I just did 70000 kays in 4.5 years on an 06, Then wrote it off, It needed a new battery,
    The CCT is still sitting on the shelf for it,

    My new 05 Bird has 40 thou on it, Its just run in, A Bloke in Canada has just clicked over 200,000 kays on his, Still Running like a swiss watch,

    My new one cost me $5300-00. The one in my Avatar, It had more Bling than I could poke a stick at,

    They are all clones after 02, So its Colour, Lots of Bling, Low Kays, and Cheap,

  15. partshark.com...forget about buying parts locally....1/2 the price even after adding postage and I have the parts within 10-14 days..
  16. @Bravus@Bravus - you can get the fairing lowers for Bandits - the fully faired model was sold in the US as a "Katana".
  17. For the amount I do, and in a SEQ climate, a more serious screen would actually probably get the job done anyway... which I should get my act together and acquire, actually.
  18. The fairing would be overkill, given the thing is probably worth about 2 grand at this point... ;)