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Blackbird out of production?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by darklightBoy, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Someone told me on the weekend that Honda was ending/had ended production of the blackbird. Anything to back this up?

  2. Yes it is true.
    Dealers can get only what is currently in Oz, after that is sold, well no more bird as we know it.

    I am waiting with anxiety about what special machine will replace it. Honda being Honda, and the bird being such a well engineered machine, we are in for something very very nice.
    Can you say V5 Blackbird??
  3. V5 Blackbird.

    Apparently, yes.
  4. Well Done!
  5. I heard along the lines of a vfr800/blackbird amalgamation. Should be interesting :D
  6. pffft, 'zif!!
    its gunna be the original retro with FI
    CBR1000Fi Hurricane ;)

    i'd have one! buuuuuuut, i cant back that up :(
  7. CBR800f4i.. I'd buy that :D
  8. How about a VFR1100? Either way I'm interested to see what they bring out in replacement.
  9. I heard that it is likely to be a VFR styled V4 1100-1200cc...sounds like a "toned-down" sports tourer...No Busa destroyer, as they probably see little value in that.

  10. ah now that could be fun :grin: :wink:
  11. I have seen an article recently about what Mr Honda has patented, and it would seem that as some of the Bird owners I know suspected an amalgamation of the Bird with the VFR800.
    Both are class leading, good selling bikes, but in a sense they compete against each other in the sport touring market.

    The talk now is that we may see a bike retaining the VFR label, with a 1000cc engine, but it is not known if that engine will be a V4/5 or inline 4.
    The only thing I can say with confidence is that it will not be a V-twin.

    I think that the bird was such a great seller in part due to it's stonking performance, and if the new bike loses that and edges more towards the much less powerful VFR, Honda will lose alot of business in this market segment.

    I'm excited about what might come, and being Honda it should be a well designed, high performace machine, especially with the foundations of the VFR and Bird as a platform for it's development.
  12. No reason at all why a 1000cc ~150hp V4 with a near flat grunty torque curve can't be produced with modern-day manufacturing techniques.

    That'd match the current Blackbird motor for touring rideability, and give the current VFR800 motor a kick-in-the-head that it deserves for being so lack-lustre.
  13. when I got my new VFR in May, New World Honda told me that Honda had already stopped both the Blackbird, and the Firestorm and whatever was in the country is the last of them. He didn't have details as to what might replace them, any statements about what would, is pure speculation.

    He said the VFR will continue unchanged.
  14. yeah, that's as much as he knows.

    If Honda is to produce a new bike with a "VFR" label, then it will be of a V configuration. Otherwise it will merely be another in the CBR range.

    Some are tipping an RC211V based engine, which would be interesting.

    Certainly I'm looking forward to what Honda will do. Hopefully whatever it is that it produces, I hope that it doesn't have linked brakes, or at the least only linked front to rear, not rear to front and has the option of shaft drive, and weighing less than the Blackbird does at present.
  15. I think Honda finally realised they couldn't compete with the likes of Suzuki when it came to producing a high speed motorcycle so they just gave up the fight :LOL:

    Sorry I am a bit biased seeing as I own a Hayabusa and all.
  16. no V-twin??? pharque that'd mean i'd have to get a suzuki, as there is no way i'd get a spewcati!!

  17. Yeah, like the Hondas that have won world championships. Um, how many, exactly has Suzuki won, say in the past 7 years since the Hayabusa has been in production?
  18. i think he was referring to tha hyabusa, which like it or not (i obviously do) is well ahead of the blackbird then it comes to being a speed machine
  19. ...having said that i would also love a blackbird and am sad to see them go. hopefully they still go with something with a bit of ooooomphhh
  20. Such a shame the blackbird is so much a better bike in every other respect. No subframes snapping on blackbirds.......
    Honda reliability, and build quality is way ahead of Suzuki, and Yes I have had a few late model suzuki's in the past 10 years.