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Blackbird mufflers 4 the ZZR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by bigwheels, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    I have finished putting the Honda Blackbird mufflers on my ZZR and am pretty happy with the result. I had to shorten the leader pipe by approx 85mm and do a bit of work in the pipebender but the end result was worth it. I also had to add a bracket for the centerstand stopper as the original bracket didn`t line up with mine.

    I have also put 30mm spacers under the handlebars which has greatly improved the riding position. Lastly on went the heated grips, a new set of avon storms and i`m ready for some more miles! :grin:
  2. mate very nice mod......but aren't the zzr polished too?? :?
  3. Looks nice, mate, but I'm curious about the pipes. Why put BB pipes on? Something wrong with the ZZR pipes?
  4. Nothing wrong with the ZZR pipes from staintune its just that I new someone who was selling these pipes and got them for a good price. I had been looking for a set for ages and it seems that the ZZR1200 was a bit of a orphan, very few second hand parts around, especially when compared to the Blackbird. That was one reason I liked the ZZR, cos I can go for a ride and not see another one, sorta exclusive.

    Nothing worse than been seen out on the same bike is there, it`s a fashion fopar! :grin:
  5. I'm pretty sure anyone with a cbr60rr doesn't care about that sort of thing. I counted 40 between old pac, my place and back (no, weren't in a big group).
  6. Nice one bigwheels

    I traded a 12 on the 14. Loved the 12 though.
    I fitted staintunes, ivan carb kit, up 2 teeth on rear sprocket and 4 degree ignition advance and unleashed the grunt.

    I think I saw you post on zzrbikes ?

  7. T`was me on zzrbikes, did the ignition advancer make much diffrence? Anyone looking for info on all things ZZR try www.zzrbikes.com, lots of info and banter.