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Blackbird 1100XX riders meet up at GP

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. There is a meet up for SuperBlackbird 1100XX riders from all over OZ at 6-00 PM
    Saturday night of the GP at the PUB on the corner of the Esplanade and Phillip Island road, Cowes,

    All Blackbird riders welcome, come along and have a group Piccy taken and meet other Bird riders from all over,

    QLD, NSW, SA, WA and Vic riders will be there,


  2. would that be a flock or a murder of Blackbirds?
  3. It's a murder of crows...
  4. What ever you call it,

    9 Blackbirds all in a row, So far, can we get any more to line up for a Piccy.
  5. Kevvy from WA on his Blackbird, We took him for a cruise through Chum creek and the Spurs, Opened his visor and the smile Knocked us over,
    There are no twisties in WA, His bike now has no chicken strips,
    We rode Saturday in perfect weather, He rode from Warnambool on Saturday and it was foggy and rain all the way, came straight through Colac, GOR was too wet to ride on,
  6. Was joking with a mate, it would be ironically funny if a Hayabusa rocked up to the Blackbird meet.
  7. AHHH, we do know the difference between a Bird and a Busa,
    Its still two wheels and part of the family,
  8. Wish I could come mate, have a good time anyway.
  9. List of starters for the Blackbird meet up at Cowes,

    Uglystick Steve,

    Where are you Slowcoach, MJT45, and all the rest of the Birdys.

  10. Maybe the........pussies?......got to them