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Blackberrys only.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. So whilst the iPhone converts have their own thread....had a decent play with the iPhone and am over touchscreens - although the iPhone one is pretty good

    After three Windows Mobile devices over the last seven years, gotta say my first venture into a Blackberry - the Bold, is close to the perfect device

    Already bought a 16GB card :shock: and the 3G internet is like wirelss in the office so very happy with that. Been busy at work, so never ending emails to reply to and forward back to office make it easy to work from anywhere.

    Screen is very clear, keyboard works well (had an iMate PDA2K - slide keyboard not as good), speaker phone also has no complaints from the endless calls from car and office.

    Am on the Vodafone $114 unlimited Blackberry and calls cap

    The not so good...battery talk time is 4 hours - and have tested this a few times :oops: , when browsing Internet, constantly having to use the magnifiyng option on every web pag so you can see it. Finally, can't find a GPS program to work without logging onto a phone network - so anyone know of any software please advise
  2. I think it's a matter of intended use, for personal use I think the iPhone has it over the Blackberry in spades.. but I do very little personal when it comes to mobile phones.

    For Business use I think you can't get a better device then the Blackberry Bold, I've been using Windows Mobile based smart phones now for a few years and with each new one they get worse n worse, by worse I mean slower, bad battery, random lockups n crap.

    Really all I want our of a business phone in push email mostly and over the air sync, then tethered 3G to my netbook for remote support on the road (love having a 10" eeepc in the saddle or tank bags) then finally a phone with good bluetooth and reception.

    The Bolds slider bar is enough "touch" for me, and I find typing on it better then the iPhone as I have fat fingers, though my wife is pretty narly on the iPhone.

    I don't do much browsing on phones as to be brutally honest it's crap, but the iPhone is the only one I've used for it and actually thought it was ok, but I can't think of too many instances where I'd find myself needing to.

    I can't see myself ever using a iPhone but I do love my Bold. It is so much better then my old 9205 not so smart phone.
  3. The crackberry, while having there issue, are pretty handy. I resisted getting one for a bit, but having one now for a bit over 2 years, its just to handy from a work perspective. I get a heap of emails and often in meetings or out of the office, so I have the ability to approve or forward things on, so jobs dont have to stop.

    The bluetooth is horrible, connecting to calais bluetooth, you get the echo which makes it useless. I have the pearl, so the little balls stuff up a bit but just means i get a new blackberry - happy days.

    They also can do random things, one of the guys at work, after about 12 months, his phone started randomly sending emails to people in his contact list, or worse it forwarded a couple of emails. Once again, time to be put down and get a new one.

    The iPhone is great if you have heaps of cash to spend on apps and downloads, but from a business perspective, the blackberry, quite simply, works, and works well.
  4. I am on my 3rd Blackberry and love them. Only thing I hate is the bluetooth. Only connecting to other BB's or devices.
  5. Only played around with Blackberrys a bit so not too familiar with what OS they use but you may be able to get Opera Mini as the browser, also Skyfire is a pretty good browser that has inbuilt flashplayer.

    I'm pretty sure that they use their own specific GPS program that you can only get from blackberry, otherwise try Garmin, I know there is a mobile app called Garmin (Something)T or Garmin T(Something) or there abouts.

    Quick google search should be able to answer for you.

    Also go to www.gsmarena.com
  6. I had a brain snap with my old Nokia when it randomly decided to/not to sound the ring tone when someone was calling. One headbutt later I had a dead phone and decided to see what all the fuss about the new iPhone was. Decided against getting one and wanted something different. That's when I saw the Blackberry Bold at Vodafone.

    Never experienced a Blackberry before but I decided to take a chance and got one. E-mailing is so easy and quick and the web browsing is so good compared to my old phone. I think battery life is fine as it lasts about 2 days more than my old Nokia.

    I saw that they have Blackberry software but I think it's USA and Europe only? I'm tempted to e-mail them and ask because the Vodafone one isn't that good IMO.