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Blackadder's Rat bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by blackadder, May 19, 2013.

  1. I've decided to rat up my street triple.

    I should point out that I have about as much talent as a tomato is a wheel.

    OK, this is how she looked before.




  2. Version 1.0


    Version 2.0



    Version 3.0






    I have spent exactly $12 so far. Hahahahaha.

    Not finished yet. More to come.
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  3. Whatever makes you happy, it's your bike, is it ok if I don't bring mine over? :)
  4. Love it. Should really do my Bandit - not gonna get more than about 2 grand for it when I upgrade, could have some fun...
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    You should give it a go. Mine has 80,000clicks on it so I'm not worried about resale value either. It is great fun even if, like me, you don't have the talent for it... and what is the worst that could happen? It looks shit? Sand it down and try again next month.

    For those who ask why.. I say why not? What is this obsession with keeping things clean and orderly? As long as I'm OK and the bike runs well (which it bloody does) then who cares? Just let go.. Be free.

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery..None but ourselves can free our minds.. hehe

    If I buy a new bike the first thing I will do is spray it, scratch it, and then ride the hell out of it.. :)
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  6. Awesome. Personally I find gleaming stock bikes boring.
  7. Yeah, bikes need dents and broken bits.
  8. Bikes that look actively contagious don't (usually) get stolen. They also tend to get lots of personal space in crowded parking areas because of the widespread belief that grot is infectious. Accepting that your bike is less than pristine means that you will not cry when you drop it or it blows over. Less time cleaning means more time riding.

    Frankly, given something with limited resale value due to age, high kms or general undesirability, I see the question as being less "why?" than "why not?".
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  9. I think it makes a wonderful artistic statement.

    Is the true value of something (or someone for that matter) in superficial appearances, or actual underlying performance?

    Dressing down a previously beautiful bike to the point where all that remains is a utilitarian core is a brilliant idea - now all that's left to do is to continue to ride the shit out of it :)
  10. why not indeed.
  11. Mine is going excellently then :)
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  12. I know I may have inspired you to take up the craft of painting your bike.

    But………………………………………………….. You really should have called me first, besides you know female yoga instructors dig Yellow :p
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  13. You should start carrying cans of paint in your back pack instead of lube. That way, when the can gets lunched by the chain again, you'll have a veritable Jackson Pollock master piece. :D
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  14. haha I admire you for going for it! would never have the guts to do it. Keep going on it I reckon it could turn out pretty damn good!
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  16. Okay - I am along for the ride, this could come out pretty good.

    For my two cents worth - don't strip back if you don't like it, just go over the top each time and keep adding layers, then if you do rub back on some high spots you will get a whole range of effects coming through.
    There is a CBR(?) in black primer with rubbed back edges that parks outside the Orica building at the corner of Nicholson St and Albert St, I love the dusty old look achieved on it.
    And I have some Porter's "rust" paint if you want, great for that aged patina.
  17. It's fascinating how people say they would love to do it, or will do it when <some distant goal> happens, and then chicken out.. An interesting mental barrier. At first you'll notice I didn't do the headlight bowls thinking.. 'nah I can't spray them!! That's just stoopid.' After a while you get over it and let go.

    My old man went off when he saw that I wasn't cleaning the surface or masking properly.. After a few minutes he got the idea of "zero fcuks" and had some fun too. He did the Version 1 tank.

    Only downside is you start to ride it with an attitude to match the ratty paint.. hahahaha

    2009 model.

    I agree. I've sanded it back a few times already trying different things. Better to add more layers like you said. Will have to chat to you about the "rust" paint on Thursday. I tried to do that with rattle cans but didn't turn out too good.