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Black vs white as a bike colour

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by PAK, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Well, seems I left it just a bit to late to upgrade and have missed out on the 08 silver V-Strom 650 ABS (unless anyone has a hot tip in ACT/QLD for a dealer with one left!). New model is only available in black or white.

    So, any advice/opinions on which is the better colour to go for? I am more interested in the ease of keeping it relatively clean and dealing with the occassional stone chips rather than "cool" or "go fast" aspects.


  2. I have a black bike, but not enough farings on it (being naked) to give some good advice on but i've owned a black and now have a white car, and the white is a hell of alot easier to keep clean. my 2 cents. .
    My personal choice : go the black
  3. Definitly the black, it looks tuff.
    The white with silver rims looks a bit ghey IMHO
    Great choice of bike whichever you decide!
  4. White is the new black.
  5. go for the white. And start wearing a white helmet and black jacket as well.

    Stickers saying Polite will help as well.
  6. keep it clean? It's not a harley mate! I like the white one but then again I like white on all bikes.
  7. the white's much better in the flesh than it looks in photos
  8. Practical = white (and the Strom looks OK in white)

    Cool = black

    Stone chips, use nail polish so makes no difference :wink:
  9. imo black. All the chain grease and tar will be less visible on the black rims and lower parts of fairing.

    Having said that, black gets hot in the sun.
  10. Black will always get my vote, on any bike.

    Should I start the argument whether black and white are even colours at all?
  11. White bikes with a white helmet and flouro jacket will always get respect - until they work out that you are not a cop. :LOL:

    Black look s better but is a bugger to keep clean. Slightest bit of dust and it's grubby (says he who rarely washes his bikes anyway :LOL: )
  12. White.

    Best colour ever.
  13. I'd say white as well. Even though it gets dirty easy, but i like washing my car/bike so that wont matter. The black will get streak marks, and i hate that.
  14. i would advice against white for safety reasons.

    it blends with the background and appear that you are further away than you actually are.

    also on a hot day, you almost become invisible with the evaporation of the road (those blurry effects you see)
  15. Neither get the Vstrom 1000 in silver. :twisted:
  16. Hmmmm, jury is still out, however, the "screw it, get the 1000 in silver" argument has merit. While the black image-cool factor does make a good case, the white thermal-cool one does as well with the impending move to QLD.

    As for being put in this position, I agree with you dub, these aren't colours, and this years models colour choice was obviously left to the Suzuki accounting department.

    As for white with white helmet and "Polite" logo, I already work for an employer with a uniform that gets us mistaken for "Polite". Furthering the impression could be a good way to extract some more entertainment from watching the faces of w*nkers using mobiles while driving and thinking they've been busted!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  17. Yeah, because the black is really going to make the rider visible during inclement weather or night-time.
  18. At night, any colour will not make a difference.
    You can't see nothing :)

    Getting a brighter bulb would be better :)
  19. I had an older model gsxr that was all white which i traded in for a newer model gsxr which is all black. I've owned it for just over a year now and i really want to get it painted white or another bright colour.
    The black just always looks dirty, every little scratch stands out in any light and i've notice that cars cut me off more often whether it be day or night. I never had these problems with the white bike, it always looked good and got noticed by more people.
  20. Black looks better and goes faster - I can't believe people have failed to mention this :p