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Black Toyota Prado tailgating a bike on the Monash [VIC]

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by zenali, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. On my way to work this morning - in my car :( - I saw something that made my blood boil. I was in the centre lane on the Monash Freeway just after exiting the Burnley Tunnel heading East (outbound) at about 8:15 in the morning. As I came level with the on-ramp from Burnely I saw a motorbike preparing to merge with the traffic. The road surface is pretty rough because of the eternal upgrade roadworks, and the speed limit is 70.

    From a fair way behind me a black Toyota Prado with vanity plates came speeding up to try to get in front of the bike before he could merge. For a second I thought I was going to see the Toyota rear-end the bike, but he hit the brakes and ended up about a metre behind the bike, tailgating. There was a truck in front of me, but plenty of room for the Prado to drop back and change into my lane. Instead, he elected to drive a metre or so behind the bike until we had almost reached the Toorak Rd exit. Good on the rider for not giving in to intimidation and speeding.

    Eventually the Prado did cut in front of me, between me and the truck, and over into the right hand lane. It overtook the truck, then cut back across in front of the truck into the left hand lane in front of the motorcycle. (All of this without indicating!)

    The whole while I was thinking how dangerous it was. With the poor road surface, all it would have taken was one bad bump and a bit of a wobble, and that 4WD would have gone straight over the motorcycle.

    If you were on that bike and you are reading this, well done for keeping your cool. If you drive a black Toyota Prado with personalised plates and were tailgating a motorbike on the Monash this morning, you suck.
  2. i saw a white bmw do that to a learner for a fair stretch of road local to me last week...i was behind the beemer/wanker and hung well back...he was so close to the bike in front he was covering his brakes the whole time...single lane road that opened into two lanes at the intersection ahead...learner moved over to the left lane and beemer proudly and quickly claims pole position right lane...so haha, i filtered through and stopped fair in front of him, turned around looked straight at his front number plate...lights turn green and away we go...oddly he's not tailgaiting me...now the fun part, servo up ahead on to our left, nice day for a cruise, and three harleys have just pulled out onto the road from the servo...so i caught up to them, pointed first two fingers two my eyes and then pointed behind us to the white beemer, like "watch out for ****head in beemer"...could'nt have wished for a better outcome...next intersection they were all looking at him haha
  3. Had I been on the bike I would have moved over or out of the way and let the Prada through...(assuming I was'nt really pissed off)...In which case one has to very careful of toying with a 2 ton idiot. :)
    Never fear though...I'm sure the biker will get pinged for doing 65 in a 60 zone, and that will be a good lesson to him..(that's sarcasm) :)

  4. Name and shame the Prado Zenali. What were the plates?
  5. I'll say it again.

    Prado drivers suck. Any 4wd wannabe beginning with P, in fact.
  6. I've noticed a lot of P Platers seem to want to cut into the left lanes at lights (particularly ones that end on the other side of the lights). Then want to race to beat you to the end.... quite dangerous as well...
  7. Yeah, we'll do that.:woot:

    I could never get tailgating. It's an exercise in futility and human stupidity.

    Thats why I want to get me one of these:


  8. I honestly don't think there was anywhere for the rider to go John. There was a semi-trailer in the centre lane, and no emergency lane because of the road works. Plus, all along the left hand margin are grates that stick up by a good inch or two because they haven't laid the final surface on the road yet.
  9. I thought about that, but I wouldn't want anybody getting into trouble by trying to take this guy on out there on the road.

    Which is not to say that I've done nothing...
  10. hey ad910n, give CYCLEMAX a call and see what he'll offer you for a trade in
  11. I meant the P-Platers in cages.
  12. Fair enough...btw...I was'nt intending to sound like I was second guessing his circumstances. (it just read that way, through bad wording)
    Given what you just said, he did well to hold his ground and not get "road bullied".

  13. Every vehicle on the road does this. All the ****ing time. Its not just P-platers.

    If you have the acceleration to get out in front and around without making the guy on the right have to touch the brakes to let you in, then fine. Go do that. But if you're in a ****ing Taxi or a gutless 4wd, don't swerve into the left hand lane and then try and outrun me at the lights and then merge in on top of me.

    ****ing sydney drivers are the worst for this. The worst thing is, it's technically legal.


    sorry, it's a sore point for me, having nearly been run off the road into oncoming traffic a few times.
  14. Happened again to me last night. Three teens in their ****ed up Lancer.... as if that piece of crap with three blokes is going to outrun a bike.
  15. You don't understand bro! It's about how big your penis is!:jerk:
  16. Or knowing who to stay away from or be more aware of?

    You don't remember the rego right?
  17. Ride like this: Instant tailgater solution!